airtight growing for smell?? I NEED some ideas.

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  1. This is going to be my first grow ever so info is always welcome.

    my state is NOT legal and just the smell is enough to get a warrant, so i need to make it not smell.

    i know about carbon filters and i DO plan to get a good one (again info is welcome).

    my question is what materials would you more experienced growers recommend? i was going with plywood, but would moisture f*ck up the plywood?

    Also i have no idea how bad (good) it will smell up the place so PLEASE help me out

    always a joy here at GC and thanks

  2. There's a whole section here at GC on cab design...

    You won't get a single answer to this question because there are multiple ways to tackle the issue. Basically any solid building material should do pretty well. Some growers use a grow tent and say that the odor can be perfectly controlled, but personally I would not use any kind of fabric, tarp, or anything else that is thin and/or porous as a main wall. I know a tarp and grow tents are made of a porous fabric that is then coated for waterproofing, so maybe that would work completely for odor as well, I've never actually tried it.

    You can use plywood or some sort of particleboard / pressboard. Another popular option is to buy a storage cabinet and retro-fit it to be a grow space (like Closet Maid or Ikea type stuff, can be found at Walmart, Home Depot, anywhere). Either way, I suggest that you caulk all seams as you assemble it for a complete seal. Then, always a good idea to paint the interior of the space a flat bright white, that will seal the wood a bit (if you really are worried put a coat of primer or gloss first, but last coat should be flat with no sheen).

    Also caulk around all of your ventilation holes and such.

    Your door/entryway to the grow cab will be a weak link. Design it so that the door will rest against an inner frame and use weather-stripping all the way around.

    The other key factor will be your ventilation/fan. Basically, the more air you are moving through the cab then the more likely you will have negative pressure (which will keep odors from leaking out) and the better job you will do of getting all of the stink to the carbon scrubber.

    I wouldn't worry too much about moisture from humidity or an occasional spash on the wall, but the floor of the grow space can get messy. For mine I simply cut a spare piece of kitchen floor linoleum that happens to be bright white and custom-fit it to my grow cab floor, so now I have a spill mat.
  3. youll never have air tight because you have to have intake and exhaust. youll need a carbon filter. But you can make the walls of your cabinet out of MDF. MDF is a VERY dense board but make sure you wear one of those clothe mask when youre cutting it

  4. All of this is strong information.

    And while this seems sort of stupid to say, you also want to make sure that you are growing as few plants as possible. Don't get greedy and try to grow too much or you're just asking for trouble with smells.

    Focus on growing just a few plants and growing them well - that will be plenty for you to enjoy, without the stress.

    Some other good resources include:

    Marijuana Horticulture - Cervantes

    How To Control The Smell Of Your Marijuana Plants Using Active Carbon Filters

    Closet Marijuana Growing Guide

    good luck!
  5. I used 1/2" plywood for mine. I bought a door with frame from the building supply where I worked. I have two 4" PVC elbows for intake.
  6. Thanks to all of you i got some really good info ive decided to buy a small, no tools, room and a good sized carbon filter just to be safe.

    Oh and i hope to have pics up as soon as i get it all set up and keep things updated as they grow.

    Once again thanks GC and the people here

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