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  1. anyone else play airsoft? ive been playing for a few years now and wondered if any other GC members play too?

    also you hear about how they might ban it in FL? this is terrible for me, being in FL atm.
  2. my younger brother and his friends play.

    banning it? that is ridiculous.
  3. no ive never played that, ive been shot many times by drunk friends though, ive been playing paintball and that is pretty sweet but pretty spendy
  4. i had an awesome upgraded G3SG1 rifle that set me back about $450. Only thing i used it for was shooting a neighbor kid i had a fued with when i was younger. I used to be a real war monger :devious: I was hoping to find a league to play in when was in Pennsylvania. That didn't happen so I resold it and bought a guitar which i should have done in the first place.
  5. I can see the ban because they look like real guns but its so fun to play.
  6. This summer I plan on getting an AEG and hitting up the fields. I used to have a KWC Desert eagle (spring), and I had a good amount of backyard wars.
  7. i don't play, but i have a few guns and love shooting shit with them
  8. My friends and I used to be big in the league down here. We had a shit load of an arsenal, (Red Wolf is the shit to buy from) and we'd have HUGE wars. Go out to the desert, have night games, morning games, two day games. Just a fuckin blast. It was a fun time, but alas, the league started to fall apart because of too many people who lied while playing, "I didn't get shot" it really started to piss people off and it got heated for a while. That's when my friends and i dropped, I think it's back now in a pretty high number, but I havn't checked.
  9. My younger brother plays with all his friends, I went out and got a gun cus they are relativley cheap for the ammount of fun they provide. I can see the ban, they make some very realistic looking airsoft guns, my brother got suspended from school because he brought one to school to sell to his friend, luckily it was private school and it had the orange on the barrel. But come on banning airsoft, thats like banning paintball, pure crazyness.
  10. i have a gun but i have never actually played. I used to just go out to a friends house who lived in the middle of no where and we would get drunk and mess around with them. Mine was gas powered, left some nasty welts
  11. That's exactly why paintball is funner. Unless you wipe :eek:.

  12. The reason I like airsoft better is because of the realism of the guns, and I like using iron sights / red dot to aim rather than watch my bullets/pb's.
  13. I just bought this bad ass spring glock. It was 30 bucks for the gun with a scilencer and 15 for 5000 bb's. So 45 bucks all together, good deal if you ask me. I dont plan on playing seriously but there fun to shoot around with and play games with my friends.

  14. Fun to kid around with, dont expect it to last long though :cool:
  15. my games always seem to heat up after ten minutes. turning from fun, to miniture war-fare :devious:

    edit: some times we just drop the idea of become "out" when hit, and just pelt each other mindlessly...doesnt hurt, too bad.
  16. My thoughts exactly. The realism is a great deal better. The simulation is awesome.

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