Airpots Kick ass!

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  1. Few weeks ago saw these and checked out there website which is very informative and gives a compelling reason to buy them. No root circling occurs with them and you get some massively more root development then in a traditional pot of the same size. The reason is the root tips will hit the little holes and get "air pruned". As a result the plant makes more roots.

    I opted for the 2 gallon ones do to my current setup..only have a 63 inch tall tent and HPS takes up a good portion of the top. I plan on transplanting my 3 Afghan Kush autoflowers into them.

    When you get them they require you to assemble them. The grate thing in the pic goes near the bottom and you wrap the Air Pot assembly around it and use one of those green thumbscrew tacks to secure it. They only shipped one per pot and found that not to be so good. So I screwed it towards the bottom and then zip - tied the top. Zipties are your friend and have endless uses get some if you don't have any. Duct Tape as well.

    I suggest you fill the pot over a container of some sort. The grate in the bottom allows soil to pass through untill you have compacted it enough. As you fill it also shake it and lightly compact it as there are so many nooks and crannies. The maker suggests you compact it pretty decently to fill it.

    Attached are some pictures. The plant thats in the picture is a Heirloom Tomato plant I just transplanted from a solo cup today.

    The Caledonian Tree Company - Air-Pots Overview






  2. I heard these pots are good as well...I might be buying a few to test em out.
  3. I got mine off Amazon. 44 bucks for a 5 pack of 2 gallon sized. They sell up to 5 gallon.

    [ame=] Superoots 2 Gallon / 7.5lt Air Pot - 5 Pack: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]
  4. $44?! Jeeeeeeez.
  5. Subscribed I'm really intrigued by these but I‘d like to know if they have an actual effect before purchasing

  6. 44 bucks for 5. So not to bad.

  7. There website is compelling.
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    Well that doesn't mean they work or are anything but a marginal improvement :D let us know how they work for you
  9. somewhat interesting, but hope their not just another gimmic lol, does the website explain in detail what they do?

  10. Yes you the website has some video of what they do and if you look on here you can find some people using them. Basically the roots spread out and hit the holes in the cointainer. Rather then circling around like in a normal pot the plants root that hits the hole is "air pruned" and it stops right there. That forces the root to make more roots. You get evenly spaced roots that are many times bigger then plants in a traditional pot. Larger root system = bigger plant.

  11. It does not mean that they will not work. Glass is half full my friend.
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    And your wallet will be all empty if buy everthing based on information from the seller hehe.
    Keep us updated man tell us how they work for you.
  13. been looking at those everywhere. cant really decide for myself if i wanna buy them yet. read a great article about them in the latest edition of urban garden. cant wait to see some root porn. i'll show you mine if you show me yours :ey:
  14. Well sub to my grow journal as soon as my Ryders are big enough I will be transplanting them to them. There all ready with soil for the move!
  15. i want to get some of those and do a side by side grow with my normal pots. i have to say though, with the right texture of soil, and the help of rooting agents( roots accel by house-garden) i can get some damn good root structure.

    I'll definitely be stopping by to check your progress, and to compare root porn:D
  16. Atlanta!:wave:

    There is a lot of support for pots like that on grasscity. I strongly considered those, but cheaped out and got some coco coir pots from Wally world instead. I definitely like them more than plastic pots. Now make with the grow journal.:)
  17. They will be in grow journal when I transplant it my journal is in my signature
  18. I have been growing in 5 gal air pots this grow and my grow before I grow the same weed same setup but just normal pots and holy damn they seem to grow a hell of alot quicker, I had root bound issues last grow and at the moment damn they look Good!!!!
    I will take some pictures when I get in of the root tips poking out for you all to see,
    To be honest I swear by them now

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  19. Hmm, intriguing. But a little confused.

    Do you still pot up with these, so i would buy like a 1l, a 3l and then a 6l for a final and pot up along the way.
    Or do you just choose whatever size of pot u want to end up in and dunk the seedling in that or what ?

    Also watering, doesnt it make watering more difficult in anyway? Doesnt the water piss out the sides ? Well, maybe not piss, but trickle ?

    Thanks :smoke:
  20. Personally myself I bought the 5 gal pot and transplanted my seedling which was in a 1 litre normal pot into it,
    As for watering because the holes go away from the pot the water does not trickle out the sides but damn they hold a lot of water lol.
    For me one of my most favourite investments :D

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