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  1. tomorrow i am going through an airport what should i do about the smell, i am not bringing anything, but clothes have been in my room before while i was doing it. and also i am bringing my ipod and a card for fathers day that i accidentaly put some on. what should i do?

  2. Dont worry about it if ur clean ur clean. If you get stopped make something up about dogfood. just dont say anything gearing toward them harassing you cause thats a sure way to a cavity search.
  3. hehe why not just buy some axe? or throw them in the laundry, or febreeze?

    it's not like they smell permanently
  4. if you get stopped by a cop about smelling like weed would you do me a favor i have always wanted to do this, fuck with the cop, please

    moon- yeah i smell like pot
    cop- mind if i search you
    moon- sure man, pleasure to help out
    cop- so wheres the drugs
    moon- at home, i smoked a fat mother on the way after i dropped the kids off in the pool
    cop- sir, i'm gonna ask you agian
    moon- im gonna say it again, i aint got shit
    cop- come with me sire
    moon- why officer
    cop- i'm placing you under arrest
    moon- for what, not having drugs in a airport
    cop- enough with the sarcasm sir
    moon- enough with this bullshit
    cop- sir did you know its a misdeamanor to belittle a cop in a public place

    well thats was pretty much how it went when i got areested for racing on the highway, but without the weed smell or an airport
  5. rofl^ thats great

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