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airport x-ray machine

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by presumedhash, May 1, 2010.

  1. if i where to put an ounce in one of those smell proof bags and put it in my luggage that goes under the plane, not carry on, would the x-ray machines pick up on it? will they search that luggage. i havent flew since i was a kid so im a little concerned with how to secret agent this. im not taking dogs into concideration but i know its a risk. im going to big sur this july and i want to have a nice fat sack to enhance my nature going experience..any advice? i might have to hash it if it comes to that but i dont want to go through all the trouble. :cool:
  2. i hope to get pictures of my lemon g up in a bit, im in the process of rounding up a camera. stay tuned for that one.
  3. mmmm idk man. i really wouldn't even bother.

    I'd rather rake the risk of trying to get a bag when your there off a random person than go through an airport.
  4. I don't think i'd risk bringing that big of a bag. I think at most, I'd bring a little ball of hash, or something.
  5. brah heres what you do

    take the herb and grind it up. disperse it into a pack of yerba mate.

    there is no possible way of getting caught, even if they open it up and smoke it, they wouldnt know because it smells practically the same.
  6. I agree with chance you do not make it through than your out on airfare and have to deal with numerous agencies. Absolutely not worth it..Stake out a head shop when you get to Big Sir and hit up the local hippie.:smoking:
  7. ya i wudnt try that shit but i guess its up to u. i did read a thread on here once where a guy made a bunch of cookies and took them on his person and carry on with out a problem. i wud go that route since cooking it there isnt any plant matter i dont think dogs will pick up on it.... cept that they are cookies. but i have only flown once so i dont even know if they let u take food with u anymore.
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    the way i'd advise you to do it is to pre roll 20joints and put them in a cig pack in your luggage somewhere. The full oz is a little much. The pack of cigs will look just like a pack of cigs under the x-ray.

    also you can stash and 8th or so in your socks in ur suitcase, b/c its doubtfull that the x-ray will pick up that amount of bud. If it sees anything it will just look like crumpled sock material, as bud doesnt have anything dense enough in it to really look odd.

    Again tho, i mus stress that i do not advise bringing a whole OZ. If you really want that much, i suggest doing the 8th, or cig thing and then fed-ex overnighting the rest of it to wherever your staying (wrap it in a t-shirt or somthing), as the overnight stuff doesnt receive nearly as much scrutiny at mail distribution centers.

    oh and about dogs, 9/10 times you see a dog at an airport its one that has been trained to sniff for explosives.

    Bomb dogs and drug dogs are not the same thing.

    ---Hope this helps you stay green on your trip
  9. o and yea, they'll let you take food with you, just no liquids, i dont know how many times ive muched down edibles literally right after clearing security so im high on the flight.
  10. They opened and searched my checked bag the last time I flew, and put a nice note in it to let me know they had done so. They also tore the lining out. Pretty impressive search.

    This may be due to my last name, however.
  11. thats a much better idea, i can roll it up no problem. i dont have to bring an ounce but i was figuring 5+ old stoner friends over the course of a week or so could add up to it. edibles are a good option, but theres something freeing about smoking in the woods.
  12. how do i get it out of the yerba mate? sounds painstaking
  13. is your last name drugdealer? Because that would be pretty sketch. this is how it would go down

    S: Ahem Mr Drugdealer?

    Y: Oh yes sir.

    S; Your taking all of these suit cases overseas from amsterdam to the us?

    Y: Umm yes sir. I sell soap.

    S: Soap eh

    Y: yeah soap

    S; Like soapy DRUGS?

    Y; Oh noooooooooo.

    [ame=]YouTube - What? Oh Nooooo[/ame]
  14. Thats what I was thinking. Maybe if you had just solid nugs?
  15. his last name is probably stoner, like Alison Stoner or brad stoner some guy i went to highschool with i dunno im high
  16. Its one of those ethnic names that shows up on watch lists. I keep expecting the NSA to drag me off in a room and beat me....
  17. I use to work at the airport, bringing any illegal substance is just asking for trouble. If you get caught your going to have a shitty trip. Best thing to do is leave it alone. The cookie thing is a good idea actually.

    I am also on the airport watch list because I worked for the airport and know tons of tricks and tips for smuggling things. Not that I ever would.
  18. i wouldnt suggest doing this but if you are going to ive heard of this working. Take a brand new JIF peanutbutter and scoop 3/4ths of the peanutbutter out and place a double bagged sack of weed in, and put the rest of the peanutbutter in and re-seal. next bring some water to a boil and then reduce to a simmer, next place the jar in the water this melts it back into a flat untouched looking state, just make sure to pack crackers and water just in case it is searched itll look normal, and the peanutbutter should cover up the smell and happy blazing :smoking:
  19. At most, I'd have a dime in my pocket.

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