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Airport Worries

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PinkieGrrl, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I am going to be flying this weekend and am worried that if I encounter any dogs, they will sniff me out. I smoke inside my house several times every day. My clothes, furniture, bedding, hair, skin...everything pretty much has been exposed to marijuana smoke daily for a long time. I am nervous about flying and was planning on being very high when I get to the airport.

    If I do not have any weed on me, but my clothes smell a little, will the doggies smell it? Should I avoid smoking that day?

    Please let me know if I need to remove the next question. I am not sure if it's against the rules here.

    Is there any way that I could take my herbs with me without getting caught? It's a domestic flight, but from and to international airports where dogs might be around.

    What can I say, I'm a stoner chick, I reeeeeally want to take some with me :)
  2. Depends. I was X-rayed leaving Orlando, but didn't even take my belt off going through a metal detector and it didn't set off the alarm going out of a small town like Allentown. If dogs have EVER been there, I personally wouldn’t risk it. About your clothes, just wash them.
  3. well you're a girl so just put the weed in your panties

    as for the dogs targeting you because of some smoke smell lingering in your clothes, you'll be fine
  4. why dont u just toke in something shit n then change ur clothes ^_^
  5. Honestly, you are lucky to have a vagina, weed in vagina = no dogs
    And no they wont sniff your clothes out.
  6. yea i always think girls are so lucky, if anyone tries to see whats in ther pants they can just claim sexual assault because ther a woman, foolproof to have it in your vagina, i think a shit storm would ensue if anyone tried to search there even with probable cause, kinda sexist in its own way if you ask me.
  7. My advice is, don't bring pot to an airport

    As for the dog sniffing clothes thing, who cares. It's not illegal to smell like pot or be high, just dont have anything or para on you
  8. It is illegal to be high... Public intoxication
  9. [quote name='"hightimes420guy"']It is illegal to be high... Public intoxication[/quote]

    Hmm you might be right, I just don't see how they can give evidence you are high. Unless there is like a breathalyzer for marijuana.
  10. Several years back I went directly from an A'dam coffeeshop to the airport and the dogs there didn't alert to me smelling like a baked potatoe, so you're likely fine there.

    As for flying with's up to you. Whenever I did it I would keep the weed in my jeans coin pocket super packed into a hollowed chap stick tube with a sliver of chap stick at the top. No metal to set off any detectors and if I felt nervous I could just take the chap stick out and drop it non challantly on the floor....did this in Vancouver when I saw a dog-Had Bob Dylan screaming "Oh Momma, can this really be the end..." for the next couple hours waiting for my flight, but it was cool.
  11. Public intoxication is only if yor causing a disturbance I would think
  12. I'm not entirely sure on the public intoxication thing that's just what I heard from one of my buddy's, it might just be like only at places like the beach or schools or government buildings, but I don't really know that's just a educated guess.

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