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Airport Security

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lenny., Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I'm on a flight to Hartford and I guess you can't leave your wallet in your pocket when you go through security. I've been doing it all this time. I lucked out with the body scanner. They chose every other person to go through it
  2. Your not realy suppose to have anything on you when you go thru the Body scanners. But like a wallett its so common and it being in your back pocket didn't stir anything up. Now if it looked like a wepon then maybe a different story
  3. Airport security is a JOKE. One month after 911 I got a little glass bong and herb through LAX no problem. They even found my lighter(confiscated) and my herb(gave it back to me). They over looked the 8inch glass bong in my cargo pant pocket. Granted I was a crazy little shit when I was young but still. I have also gotten a pocket knife that is attached to my keys through both LAX and SFO back in 2005. I didn't even realize it till I was on my flight home.

    Oh how I miss the good old days of flying before they were allowed to do an actual pat down. Back then it was only if you set off the metal detector do you get a pat down.

    Last time I flew I got molested and they didn't even buy me a drink first. yet they still missed the small handful of anxiety meds in my back pocket. They were much more interested in my nuts.:mad:

    It is getting more and more sketch to bring herb through the airport.
  4. You think flying is bad try going on a road trip in the southwest. They have dozens of intrusive border checkpoints. My sister and her boyfriend were driving to see some family and both have medical marijuana prescriptions. However they didn't bring any on them. The drug dog started barking so the Border Patrol pulled their guns and made my sister and her boyfriend lay on the hot asphalt as they totally ripped apart their car.
    The BP agents threw all their stuff onto the ground and even threw their X Box 360 on the ground breaking it on purpose. They eventually found an old baggie that had been under the seat with a fleck of mj in the bag and I'm talking about a tiny crumb of mj.
    They threatened to have them both arrested over the fleck and interrogated them while they were lying on once again extremely hot asphalt it was about 105 degrees outside.

    Anyways they eventually let them go but their vacation was ruined.
  5. yeah I driven the I 10 several times but never had that kind of an experience. what a joke.

    any people here from New Jersey?
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    last time I went through a checkpoint with my grandmother, they asked us what was our business (we were driving from texas into New Mexico, which the feds seem to think is a foreign country) as they always do, and my grandmother said, "none of your business, pull up your pants and feed that dog." (the german shephard they had was real skinny). They let us go. lol.

    Back on topic on airplane security, I always get searched and chosen for the special screenings makes me super paranoid and is one of the reasons I try not to fly anymore. Next time I'm going to wear some sweat pants and I am going to have a big tent pole boner as the guy is searching me. Although, ironically I would probably be the one arrested even though he is feeling me up.
  7. This was my first time flying since they started using those body scanners. they didn't choose me for it. they "randomly" chose every other person.
  8. i don't know why walking through that metal detector wasn't enough. nothing horrible has happened since 911 yet now we have to walk through full body scanners being blasted with who knows the amount of radiation for no fuckin reason. yeah 911 was horrible and i could see why more security was ultimately needed but everyone always gives credit when bad shit happens and no credit to the millions of people that walk through airports everyday just trying to get from point A to B... just another thing that bothers me about america lol
  9. Just to be clear, trixman, I was liking your story about the bong...not the part about you getting a free nut massage.
  10. National Security at this point means protecting the governments paranoid interests against the enemies, I mean, pissed off citizens. Well, I guess not really paranoid because they really do have a legitimate reason to be afraid of the wrath of the people they are oppressing.

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