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airplanes and weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mudabolsack, May 10, 2011.

  1. So I'm going to Taiwan this summer to visit some relatives, so that means no blazin for a while. Which means i gotta just stick wit my cigs :eek:

    I was just wondering how to get some dank past the security checkpoint at the airport, and no, i will not put it in my ass haha.

  2. Gain social skills and just grab some while your down there?
  3. A friend of mine went from California to Colombia and got weed past security. He only had to stick it up his but until they got on the plane, once they landed in Colombia it was only immigrations checkpoint, not security. Had it in the butt for maybe 20 min...Still kinda gay but....hey if you're that desperate...?
  4. Don't ever take any drugs of any kind (unless you have a prescription drugs obviously) on plane that goes out of the country. They use full body scanners now.
  5. don't be stupid, just take a break ...
  6. I snuck a bowl and an 1/8th through TSA in Atlanta, Memphis, and Richmond recently, and it was as easy as folding it all up in a pair of socks in a smellproof bag. (Carry-on only. Never check drugs.)

    But those were domestic flights and I didn't have to deal with Customs.
  7. nah im not that desperate lol
  8. prescription? what if you have a med card lol
  9. Really dumb idea...
  10. find a hookup when you're there then.
  11. yeah im probably just going to do that. just wondering what GC had to say

  12. what do you think?.....
  13. Don't. Asian customs are fucking crazy. I'm going to Korea in August and I know they are damn insane when it comes to smuggling illegal drugs. China, Taiwan, and Japan are on the same level when it comes to that. Don't bring it. Try to find some there or take a break.
  14. Just find a girlfriend that's a flight attendant and have her smuggle 50lbs in her bags for you. Saw it in a movie once. Should work like a charm.
  15. hey yo, im going back to taiwan this summer too. u taiwanese? where u at?
  16. Isn't weed really bad in tawain? Like, if you're caught with it it's real bad trouble...

    Fuck it, ask around or take a t-break
  17. Well, prescription wouldn't work because MMJ cards only work for the US...I highly doubt they're give a crap about your "medicinal marijuana".

  18. Precisely. Asian countries (for the most part) are hard as shit on illegal drugs. There is no forgiveness like the West and Western-minded countries.


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