Airplane Passenger Urinates on 11-Years-Old

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  1. Airplane Passenger Urinates on 11-Year-Ol​d - National News - AllMediaNY

    Port Authority police cuffed a man who allegedly urinated on an 11-year-old Wednesday during a flight from Oregon to Queens, the New York Post reported. Though only 18, Robert Vietze admitted that he helped himself to eight alcoholic beverages prior to boarding the JetBlue flight.

    “I did not realize I was pissing on her leg,” he told police.

    Although the girl had been traveling with her father and sister, she was alone when they were in the bathroom. One passenger, who spoke anonymously, said the father confronted Vietze while he was urinating on her.

    “I woke up to this man yelling and literally looking like he was about to punch this kid,” the source said. “The father was screaming, ‘F--- that kid! I don't want him near my family!'”

    After relocating Vietze, flight attendants cleaned the area and attempted to calm the girl.

    Shortly before the plane landed, one passenger claimed he was having pains in his chest and started vomiting. When the pilot used the intercom to ask if anyone could give him medical assistance, nobody answered. Police helped him off of the plane when the flight was over.
  2. Another win for alcohol
  3. Why are my flights always so boring?
  4. Was it r kelly?

  5. Lol, That's what I was thinking!:laughing:
  6. If only he had a pot brownie the worst would be uncontrollable laughter.

    Ill take that over getting peed on.
  7. "she was alone when they were in the bathroom"

    Doesnt sound too alone to me.... and what kind of airplane allows some stranger to enter the bathroom with someone elses child.....

    This is quite a suspicious situation lol
  8. Wow this is like the story of the guy that helped himself to 7 joints before............wait........weed doesn't do that at :eek: that must mean a illegal substance causes less damage than a legal substance :eek:.
  9. Yeah I was wondering the same thing. Why were they in the bathroom together? Every plane I've been in had a really small 1 person bathroom

  10. I noticed the same thing. What the hell is going on here?

    Was she in the bathroom, and then somehow the guy got in and started pissing? And the the dad woke up, noticed the guy at the bathroom door, walked over and started yelling?

    And then they throw in the random paragraph about the guy who started vomiting who no one would help. Was that the same guy? And if not, why didn't anyone help him?
  11. The girl probably didn't lock it, and the drunk guy barged in, and started pissing on her
  12. Maybe he thought it was co-ed
  13. Another win for poor reporting.

    Did he just whip out his dick and take a random piss?
    Were they seated next to each other and he accidentally pissed himself causing some pee to get on the girl


  14. It says they were in the bathroom, which makes the whole fucking thing make absolutely no sense

  15. 7 joints before.. he would have eaten her.

  16. "Airline passenger is found attempting to nibble on 11 year olds arm"

  17. I'm assuming option A from my previous post with a side dish of vague reporting.
  18. Lol im reading another article that says this

    now making it look as if it was some sort of fetish that he pees on little girls lol

    though i do see in multiple articles it states, she was asleep, and her family was in the bathroom

  19. win



  20. unstoppable

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