Airflow issue?

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  1. Apologies in advance for the rookie ?'s first timer here

    Built a room 4 by 9 by 8 tall. completely sealed, and undetectable. Using a 400 watt MH/HPS switchable system. Have a bathroom ceiling fan for exhaust around 500 cfm. The problem I'm having is with heat build up. Is this mostly because I need more air flow coming in? The light (yield master 2, 6")did not come with a fan/ cooling. Some stealthy ways to remedy this would be appreciated. Also can anyone recommend what I need to cool the light, should this be vented out seperately as well? Thanks, this site is amazing
  2. Hi...

    If the room is completely sealed, like you say, then having a exhaust vent without any way for air to come in will not solve your problem. You also need to have fresh air coming into the room anyway. Sealed vented lights normally do not come with fans, this is something you would have to purchase seperately. I would first see if bringing fresh air (and exhausting the heat) in controlls your temps. If not, then look at venting your light, which is the primary source of your heat.

    Good Luck.
  3. get a 265cfm blower and some 6 inch ducting and rig it up to your reflector, this alone will make a tremendous difference, but you will need some fresh cool air venting in too.
  4. The fresh air vent placement, ceiling or floor better? Will get a blower for the light as well. On a bagseed grow now, can't wait to get in to the good shit!
  5. Hi..

    I pull cool air in from the bottom and exhaust it out the top. This creates a better flow (IMO) to remove hot air.

    Good Luck!

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