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  1. Day 1

    And away we go. This is Barney's Farm Pineapple Chunk in a 2 gallon airpot with Ocean Forest soil under CFL lights. This will be my first photoperiod grow so its either going to go a lot better or its going to be a disaster.

    I planted the seed on Saturday (didn't germinate or anything) and it sprouted in less than 3 days. I didn't check on it this morning but I wish i had. When i checked it just now it was smashed up against the saran wrap covering the pot.

    Also the seed stayed attached to the one leaf. After taking the pic I very carefully brushed it off and took another (blurrier) picture cause the leaf still looks fucked up but nothing to worry about.

    I only have 2 lights on but I have the plant directly under 1 of them. I'm going to have check it often because it seems to have stretched more than I like in its less than 24 hours of life. Will try to keep it as close as i safely can to the light.

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  2. don't need much light at this stage, you'll be fine

    here we go!
  3. Subbed! Looks like a good start to me, keep with ya here. I just started my first grow last night, the seeds are germinating as we speak. Grow Journal in my sig if you wanna keep tabs. Lets see how our grows compare =)
  4. wow you all came here quick. Good to see you all, especially you B ;)
  5. Have been told that after you have done your initial homework keeping up with grow journals is the best way to learn! I am happy to find some grow journals that aren't 30 pages along already lol.
  6. Pimpin'! It's gonna be another good one. How's the last harvest smokin?
  7. Subbed up with seat #6!.. lol had to edit that.
  8. Im excited to see how the air pot does, iv herd nothing but good thing's about them. That damn Pineapple chunk sure sounds tasty lol.
  9. only cause i feel obligated :\

  10. Still letting it cure. I'll try some this weekend when I can just sit down and relax.

    Almost everything I've learned has come from this site. I'm the type that will see something mentioned then spend a while researching it. You'll gain a lot of knowledge from the journals ;)

    yoyo what up

    I was thinking this strain would...well have a strong pineapple taste but reading a few reviews its skunk dominant with a hint of pineapple. Will still taste awesome no doubt.

    And yea I have high hopes for the new pot although I don't really have the room to see its full potential. Should still be healthier for the roots at least.

    JAJA glad my reverse psychology worked :D
  11. On the Pineapple strain only having a hint of pineapple... If you really wanted more have you read about introducing an extract in the last week before harvest?

    Been reading that if you introduce the extract that you can influence the end but taste with the flavoring. One way is to take a threaded needle through the base of your plant and leave the thread through the stalk and then dip the other end of the thread into the extract. The extract will go through the thread into the plant.

    Could always do that to one plant as an experiment and see if it really helps I am sure you can find pineapple extract.
  12. ^I have read about people adding things to flavor up their weed but I haven't looked into it. I know what I'm going to spend the next 4 months researching :p
  13. Seemed like a good idea to me, going to try that in my grow when it's ready, grow journal in my sig if you wanna check in when I get to that point.. Only in germination stage but I am working on my first grow.

    If you put it in needle is nice because you don't have to flavor a whole crop if hyrdo or Aeroponics. This allows for individual flavoring instead of the whole crop too. So makes easy as flavoring soil growers in individual pots.
  14. damn man...already on a new grow AND its germinated. I know I will be staying tuned. Between boardwalk empire on HBO and this grow journal, my fall entertainment lineup is complete.

    When I visit my parents, they are like "what you reading" when I pull open my laptop and check your grow journals and I'm like "something good" and leave it at that.
  15. Right on Prescott! Checking out your grow journal here in a sec, am excited to be watching more of these grow journals!
  16. looking at your air pots made me think.
    what if: have you seen those little office trash cans that are like a tiny metal mesh?
    i wonder if those would work as air pot style? i saw them at dollar general for like $4..

    i have been thinking of getting one of those air pots

  17. you're gonna lose a ton of mud/dirt thru those mesh
  18. [quote name='"hello ladies"']

    you're gonna lose a ton of mud/dirt thru those mesh[/quote]

    What if he covered them in a cheese cloth like fabric? Lol
  19. Still gonna get some leakage with the cheese cloth but would make things a little tighter.

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