Air purifier?

Discussion in 'Security' started by 3Deez, May 7, 2011.

  1. I cant fit an inline scrubber on onto the exhaust of my box. The box itself is 36"Lx22"Wx22"D. I was thinking about getting ionic purifier. Anybody use these? If so, does it work for you?

    I dont have a smell issue to begin with. I only have 6 plants at any given time. Any advise is appreciated!:cool:

  2. I too have to find a solution for odor control
    Like the post above
    The ona bucket idea is something I may end up trying anyways simply because having something help is better than nothing

    And how do you not have a smell issue with 6 plants?
    I have 1 and I smell her all day
  3. Thanks, I'll look it up. I have never heard of this soIm gonna Google it.

    Honestly, I dont know. The smell can be a little strong sometimes (and that just means that I can actually smell "something") but usually its more of the smell of neem oil after I spray them. I dont know what strain they are but I read that some strains may not smell very much.
  4. Yes you're just used to it. I'm the same way. I swear up and down that my plants don't smell but then my girl comes over and re-educates me. Sleeping in the same room as your grow can have this effect!:smoke:

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