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  1. Hiya!
    Im looking at upgrading my hood to an air cooled one.the shop im looking at buying it from advertises that you should push air through them and use aluminium ducting to avoid fan/ducting melting.the ducting melting makes sence but the fan?? Everywhere ive looked online has setups with filter-ducting-air cooled hood-ducting-fan-ducting-vented only using 1 600w hps in a 1450x1450 tent and the fan would be about half a meter away OUTSIDE the tent so not drawing staright from the hood,we are coming into summer soon hence the upgrade.(last summer my room tents were borderline 30°c in evening)
    My fan is a blauberg turbo g 150mm mixed flow with built in thermostat and speed controller blauberg-150mm-mixed-flow-fsctherm.jpg and the hood in question...
    Magnum dominator XXL magnum-dominator-xxxl-6-air-cooled-reflector-.jpg thanks for any advice in advance i would just like to know if ill be fine pulling the hot air through the hood as otherwise its gonna be another hole in the old shed wall wich id like to avoid lol.
  2. It's all about attempting to cool down the temps in the grow space. If it's already too hot in the tent, would pushing the same hot air around help cool the tent down? A lot of people just recirculate the air inside their space, but I would think you would need to have your temps under control somewhat in order to do that. We pull intake air from outside and then vent back outside too. Not saying that's the only way because there are 10,000 ways of doing everything on here. I'm sure you'll get more reliable advice/suggestions from others. TWW
  3. If most of the heat is around the lights and you're using the air inside the shed for cooling, you don't even need a hood just point some little fans at the lights.
    Using a hood with ducting you should draw and exhaust air from outside the grow space.
  4. Sorry i dont think i explained it quite fresh air sources are fresh air vents at floor level that bring fresh air in from outside the shed through passive air intakes then the air enters the shed/tent goes through the filter,through the air cooled hood then through the fan to outside.i realise youll only cool the room to watevet the outside temperature is wich in summer here is around 30ish.but what im trying to do is prevent the light adding more heat to the problem.
  5. If you're not using CO2 enrichment, just point some plain fans at the light and have an intake hole and exhaust fan in the shed. You'd only need a hood with ducting to cool the lights if the rest of the shed is sealed and doesn't exhaust/intake air due to CO2 enrichment.
    It's hot outside, but it'll be hotter in the shed with the lights unless you exhaust air or add an air conditioner.
  6. Yeah Sounds good man, without it would get a lot hotter in there! also when their in flower you can get the light a lot closer... What CFM is the fan?
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  7. You aren't going to melt your fan, if that's what you're worried about.
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  8. Thanks is 560m3/hr it doesnt say cfm.cheers
  9. No problem hooking the intake of the fan to the light hood. That's how most people do it. That puts the grow room in a negative pressure. This keeps smell from escaping the room except via the exhaust fan. You can blow into a hood like suggested but it's going to cause positive pressure in the room. This will push smell out of every crack in the room. You can't control the air leaks with positive pressure. With negative everything goes out the exhaust fan.

    I believe the company that suggested you use the fan to push air through is just concerned that you'll locate the fan too close to the light and overheat it. If you have a generous few feet of flex duct before the fan you won't overheat it as long as air keeps circulating.

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