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  1. hi im about to start growing very soon and am just adding finishing touches to my grow room its a 11 foot high closet 4foot wide and 4 foot deep i have installed 2 fish tank pumps one to bring fresh air in and the other to take air out. below are the links to a description of the pumps:

    are these ok to use for circulation ? they are design for fish tanks.

    Thanks for any help :)
  2. for optimal ventilation you want to replace the air in your grow area 4-6 times a minute.

    I doubt those provide enough air. They would be much better for aerating water in bubble buckets.
  3. I agree that the fish air-pumps are not enough cfm for the size of your room.

    If your room is 11 x 4 x 4 then your cfm is 176, so you need your exchange to match. A 250 cfm fan would probably do.

    Best luck.

    By the way....

    Can anyone check out my link and see if you can help?

    Thank you!!!

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