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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by smoke5635, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. whats up smokers,
    Im working on my setup because im trying to do hydro for my third grow. My needs arent high but Im still looking for good performance. I have a 3'x3' hydro hut, a 400w hps, a 465cfm blower, a 180cfm blower, four 3.5w aquarium bubblers, and two 10gal rubbermaid bubble buckets. I have decided to use the lucas formula because of its low expense. I have yet to order my nutrients but I also plan on using food grade H202.
    I havent started yet because even with two blowers and a circulation fan I still have an issue with heat. I turned on all my equipment and ended up with a temp of 89f. I was thinking that I could run my intake line out of a window but that just doesnt sound good to me. I live up north so it gets pretty cold out and I dont want to leave my window cracked all year. I can easily keep my apt a cool 75f, but inside the tent is a different story. I have decided to get a aircooled reflector. Ive looked into them and my top choices were the supersun reflector and a cheapie I found on a website. Ill do links and pics on my next post. Any info from anyone would be appreciated:)

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