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Discussion in 'General' started by BigSmoker, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. i was talking to him on msn messenger and. He was going to post this himself but the city is not working for him. I dont know all the details but he got kicked out. And will not be on here as often as he usually. Is if at all he asked me to let you guys know.
  2. wait... he got banned? why? i never heard of him i dont think.....
  3. wow, thats crazy. I was wondering why i have not seen any posts from him.
  4. ok it is my fault i did not word it right he got kicked out of his house and will not have access to a computer he did not get kicked off GC sorry for the confusion
  5. oh... damn... that fuckin blows. how old is he? have a job? damn... sucky day for that to happen...
  6. haha sounded like he got banned where is he on 420? the streets?
  7. no he is not on the streets but he just wanted everyone to know he would not be on here as much it is all good he is ok and has a place to stay he would appreciate you concern though
  8. Good luck, AimedForDeath!
  9. ...
  10. Yeah, definitely, that really sucks. Well good luck AFD.
  11. Thanks for telling us! Let him know he's missed if you talk to him again. (When I first read the initial post, I was wondering who f'n banned him too!!! :p)
  12. NOOOOOOO! AFD is the heat man, I love to read his posts. Gotta suck, hey I'll smoke 1 fo ya AFD. JOE:mad:
  13. So hes not banned?:( Damn...


    I hope everything works out
  14. Thanks so much for the update BigSmoker. I really hope everything is going ok for him right now. I'm relieved he has a place to stay. Would you mind PMing me as to the easiest way to stay in touch with him. I wouldn't mind sending him my personal well wishes and support.
  15. cool for sharing. he was a good writer.

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