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Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Alright, so I talked it over with my parents, we both gave a little and I moved back in. It works great because their rules are as stated now: No pot in the house, what I do outside is my business. So basiclly I do what I want, but I can't bring pot into the house, which is fair because it's their house. Also, as soon as I pay my loan off for my car my dad is going to buy me a brand new fourwheeler (Honda 450R, here I come!) Just wanted to let you know I'm back!

  2. Wondering why I haven't seen you post in awhile. Welcome back, fool. Glad to hear you worked everything out.
  3. cool, welcome back, where were you staying?
  4. I moved in with one of my buddies for a while..It was fun, but it's not how I want to live. I want to finish college and shit first. All of my friends around me have fucked their lives up by either getting pregnant, shooting up, or landing themselfs in jail. I'm not here to preach, but we always use to live life day by day, we never thought there would be a long term in life... Well now that reality has set in.. I do see there is a long term and I need to change. I'm going to live life the best I can... I'm glad to be back here..

  5. Welcome back dude, i moved outta ma moms house for a bit, lived with friends, DAMN good times haha, but tooo many drugs lol, then came Rehab, and moved back in wit ma dad lol..
  6. Glad to see you back in action, Aimed! :) I like the "reality" attitude too and I have much respect for you respecting the rules that your parents gave you.
  7. awesome to have you back man, glad you worked things out with your parents!
  8. Thanks guys (and Rummy!).

    It's great to have the love of the City here too! ... The reality attitude set in and hit me hard Rummy, it's not somthing that I wanted to happen, but it did. Life use to seem like a constant party.. now everything has came to perspective.. One of my best friends (if any of you remeber me telling you about my friend who is a junkie and I try to help her out all the time) ... just got pregnant and she is two years younger then me (shes JUST turning 17)..=(. She was fucked up on Klonopin and a piece of shit guy took advantage of her (an ex-boyfriend of hers) and he fucked her without a condom and she didnt remeber anything, she told me the day after it happened... Now 3 weeks later she tells me shes pregnant. She doesn't know whether to have the kid, or to get an abortion.. if she has the kid her life is over... I'll help her out the best I can with the kid, but the other guy won't be a dad at all, he'll deny it up and down because he's a fucking piece of shit who's in and out of jail every other week.. What do you think she should do.. have the kid or not? She has problems with drugs too.. She wants to quit for the kid, i really hope she can. She hasn't even told her parents yet, i keep telling her to though... Sorry for the long rant =( theres just so much catching up!

  9. I'd go smash the shit out of the guy that took advantage of her, same thing happened to my Ex g/f, her black b/f fed her E in her drink and basically raped her (she's only 15), so yeah..needless to say, he was in the hospital for a couple weeks.
  10. That's a tough one, Aimed. I hate that happened to her. :( My opinions have changed a lot when it comes to abortions and such but still, at her age with that kind of situation, it might be the best thing to have an abortion. It's a difficult personal choice for her and one that will effect her for the rest of her life but you seem to feel strongly that if she has the baby, her life will be over anyway. A baby that comes from love is a lot easier to keep than one that comes from the circumstances that she dealt with. She doesn't have forever to think about it but she does have a little time. They do counseling at the clinics, I think. Places like Planned Parenthood may steer her into the direction of having it instead of giving her info on both choices and letting her make her own decision. Whatever she chooses, it sounds like she may need some counseling anyway. Having a kid at 17 has got to be a hard thing to do so she has got some serious thinking ahead of her. Just be her friend. She needs that more than anything. :)
  11. I think she should use the kid as very large, back-to-reality hammer, and fucking bash herself shit-less with it. From the sounds of things, if she got an abortion, she would probably just fuck up again the in the future. Maybe worse than an unexpected pregnacy; who knows?

    If you didn't catch it, I think she should have the baby.
  12. I agree, maybe it'll change her life..Although, a kid may be a bad thing, one of my friends ended up killing herself and her baby because she couldnt afford to keep it and such..Very sad thing :(
  13. No one needs to take care of a child when there only 17, the rest of her life would be over. If anything she could put it up for adoption when she gives birth.
  14. Damn, you should have told them to move to Arizona. Studio apartments are like 400-600$ a month. Very easy to find, aswell; they're are at least 2 apartment complexes on every corner.
  15. True, but I know right now that no one would help her take care of the kid. I know for a fact that I would be the only person who would help her with it.. I don't want the responsibility of that, and I don't want the responsability of her. I love her like a sister, but she is fucked up, i hate to say it. She doesn't know if she wants to have it or not, I think she's leaning twords not. I'll have a talk with her tonight... I actully think she should have the kid and like previously said, give it up for adoption. Either that or she needs to end it now with abortion.. I don't support aborition, but in this case, I think it's needed... Because she didn't ask for the kid.

  16. I've been in the same exact situation, same thing with the girl being like a sister and she got taken advantage of and raped at a party, we had this discussion and i promised her i would do whatever i could to help her with the baby if it came to having it because she refused to have abortion, But she had a miss carriage and everyone lucked out.

    Oh and btw i knifed the guy who raped her
  17. sorry not sure what the answer to the baby situation is but i just wanted to say welcome back i did not think it would happen so soon but i am happy it did:wave::hello:

    we all new you could not live without the city :smoking:

  18. Some words for the wise right there. +rep
  19. I don't feel it is my place to comment on some of the stuff you have gone through, but

    I would still like to give you a nice warm welcome back Aimed, glad to see you back around :smoke:

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