Aim Names Pt.2 :)

Discussion in 'General' started by Chronic420, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Hey guys Remembre me? heh well the reason ive been gone for allmost a month now is cause my bro had my internet down and sense then i lost touch of many of my stoner friends :( so sense im back on i thought id make another Aim thread to see if we could start chattin again :).

    Not much happend over the months time except the reason my internet went down.
    My brother got a 60 thats right 60 Inch Tv the damn thing wouldent even fit threw hes door! he had to take everything out hes room then take the windows out and push it threw.

    Well thats pretty much it so i hope too see alot of responses to this thread cause im lonely :( lol.

    ...p.s Err duh forgot my aim name :p :) Aaron187 AF
  2. Fuck...I want a telly, I want it soooo bad. Been living without one for 4 months. Only time I can watch tv is at work. I always hope I get many nightwathes so I can wath tv all night. I want my tv. I wanna play PS2 20 hours straight. I wanna watch DVD, video and all that crap that's on. I want a tv......................
  3. yea dude tv's great :)
  4. Hell yes! I'm getting a 45" Sony bigscreen for $100 from some lady my mom knows. It's gonna go in my room with surround sound, dvd, vhs, and later an XBox
  5. TV = Awesome

    Cable = Bullshit

    I love tvs!! Movies and Video games are excellent, but some of the crap they put on there... i just wonder what kind of people are sitting at home actually interested in some of the bullshit ive seen.

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