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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by rollin_stoned, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. Everyone talks about hundreds of watts and thousands of lumens. Well i have 70 watt grow light thats rated at 630 lumens. And its bright as hell inside my hollowed out dresser. Is that not enough? Another thing is i have no fan or anything, but i can leave the drawer open a few hours a day if need be. Also how have people made their grow box both smell proof and ventilated. Thanks
  2. smell proff by carbon filters, do a search on it and you will find all u need. And as for the lumens, I would say it depends on how far the light is from the plant, and mostly how much you intend to harvest
  3. if its a 70w light and only emits 630 lumens, throw it out, as it will most likely not grow the plants (maybe for veg, but for flowering your gonna need a way better light) .... if you can find a 70w HPS security light, it will put out roughly 4900 lumens for the same power consumtion as the one you have now..... so doesnt cost more for electricity wither, but puts out alot more lumens (and probably a better light specrtum)...

    whats the dimensions (w x d x h) of you dresser?
  4. when you say drawer, do mean like "a drawer"........like 1m wide, 500mm deep and approx 100-150mm high?............or do you mean a front, looks like drawers, but there are none in it, so it's a growbox?....................yeah 630 aint enough, you'll need 2000-3000 lumens per plant/sq foot...............Peace out.......Sid
  5. Shit.. thats probably why my plants are just growing straight up. Yeah its hollowed out so its empty in the middle and just looks a dresser from outside. A grow box. Dims are 3'Wx2.5Hx1.5D. I know thats pretty small but its all i can do without the rents finding it. What im gonna do is grow em in that for awhile then go guerilla. Is there anything you suggest as far as lights that i could get at a hardware store? plus fixture?
  6. good space, bar the fact that you need to flower a plant at approx 12", plus the foot for the pot allready, and the minimun foot that it'll stretch, and the light, and clearance to the light..........you'd need a minimum, approx 4.5' to 5' approx.........Peace out........Sid
  7. Im not planning on flowering them in the dresser. I'll grow gorilla once they get bigger.

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