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Ahhh, Saturday mornings...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jaybone, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. Well it's another Saturday morning and I have just spent 2 hours laughing so hard I had to wipe tears away...

    You see, my Saturday morning ritual is I wake up at 8 am, take a shower, load the bong, fire up the system and turn on channel 54 (SciFi channel) at 9. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is THE SHIT! One of the funniest fucking shows I have ever seen. And it's 2 hours long!

    In case any of you have never seen it, it's a show about this guy named Mike who is stuck on a spaceship, held captive by an evil bitch who forces him and his 2 robot buddies to watch *very* cheesy B movies. They watch 1 movie per show.

    So they just sit there and insert humorous dialogue and make sarcastic comments during the whole movie. If you don't enjoy sarcasm, don't bother watching. But if you're anything like me and you do, check it out. Do a bong load beforehand and you'll laugh yourself silly.

    If you're in my area, 9am Saturdays, ch 54. The rest of you, check your local listings.

    My buddy came back from Humboldt last night with colas the size of my arms and we got so wasted he crashed on my floor. I'm glad he stayed, cuz he finally got to see MST3K, and I got this (see below) for breakfast. This pic is from this morning, just after MST3K started...


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  2. Nice, quite nice...

    Just a small bone to pick with you, sir. MST3k's first star was Joel Hodgson as Joel Robinson (1988-1993), he was a maintenance man who (In the not-too-distant future, Next Sunday, A.D.) was trapped and shot into space on the Satellite of Love by the vindictive Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank.

    Michael J. Nelson, one of the show's writers took over in the Satellite of Love in 1993 when Joel went on to assume other projects.

    Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank disappeared in 1996 and 1995 respectively. I believe the evil bitch you speak of is Pearl Forrester, Dr. Forrester's wife.

    It's possibly one of the most inventive shows on television, running with an idea that everyone was probably hitting themselves for not thinking up. Just imagine watching a bad movie with a group of your four wittiest friends. The entertainment lies in the sarcastic comments thrown at the movie by your group of friends. In this case, Mike (or my preference Joel) and the robots are your group of friends... and they're probably much more witty than any of your friends.

    All in all, I agree with you sir, Jaybone. I wish I had SciFi for I do miss my MST3k.

  3. AHHHH...that sweet,,sweet,,smell...not to mention those sticky fingers........enjoy my friend...

  4. I remember back when they had Joel! The theme song was all like "something something there was a guy named joel, something something red jumpsuit, he liked cleaning up the place, but his boss didn't like him so he shot him into spaaaaace" I haven't seen that show in seven years! Twas the shit!
  5. Stedanko, you know your shit my friend, I'll give you that. Bit of a stickler for details, eh? My point was the show is fucking hilarious and everyone should check it out. But thanks for the details, I remember the old ones with Joel. I wish they would put all of the shows on DVD and get it over with already. I'd definitely buy it.

    NdicaBud- What's up brotha? You ever get back up & running? Lemme know when I can come by for a bud & cheddar sammich, hehehe. You're one of the few people on here that I knew would fully appreciate that photo cuz you know that sweet sweet smell. My coffee table is still sticky a week later. Wash it? Why the hell would I do that?

    GreenDazed, dude, get cable. That show makes my day every time. 7 years without? That sucks man.

  6. hey jaybone is that you hiding behind that huge huge lovely nug?
    just curious b/c you look sooo blitzed :)
    which is just fine, it's nice to see a fellow NoCal'er enjoying a nice stone :D

    hope you're all having a great weekend i sure am! lovely weather, you just couldn't resist going out!!

    p.s. stoner me.. just noticed your new name is Bud Sniffer lol!!!
  7. Hell yea! I used to always watch that show!!lol i fucking forgot about that!...I have to say the best one i ever saw was the DVD anniversary special or something of MST3K where they watched a movie called "EEGAAH" or something.. the shittiest B movie about a caveman who lived during the 50s and kidnaps this girl and shit...its the most retarded movie ive ever seen!! its pretty rare too i think...but its soo shitty they didnt have enough money to edit out one scene where you can here the director yell out to the actors "hey..uhh.. watch out for snakes!" when they run off into this field, and the robots cant get over that scene either, they make fun of it for the rest of the show......I highly recommend to anyone who wants a good laugh to get fucking blitzed and watch that damn i gotta dig that movie up.

    Love Peace N chicken Grease
  8. Hey Lara, yeah that's my ugly mug there. Gawd I was sooo stoned, you can tell I've had too much cuz my left eye can't keep up with the right one :D. Last weekend was awesome, me & my lady rented a car & took a road trip up to Lassen Volcano. It's so fucking awesome up there. I should have some pics soon. Is the rainy season over yet?

    NuBBiN --- DVD?! Is it out on DVD? Tell me where the hell you got it.

  9. yea, im not sure what store names carry the dvds but im pretty sure you could get them online at their website or friend gave me the egaah one and a few others for a birthday present one year
  10. You sir are the man.
  11. [ame=""][/ame]

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