Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. I told a girl that i loved her today... and she wassnt MY girl...

    i dunno what to do. i honetly care just the same for them both. and i dont want to hurt either. they both feel really strong for me, i have no clue what to do!! why is nothing in my life ever easy...!?
  2. love?....we can feel different love for more than one person, deep caring love.......
    unless you love them both the same...then ya gotta tiny problem.
  3. ADAM!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

    Dude, you're young. That's cool. It's part of it...life. Different relationships are part of this journey. People shouldn't feel like they have to be tied to one person forever...or even for a while. Just be happy...but not at the expense of someone else, of course. You need to either come clean or cut someone loose.

    Happiness...focus, adam!
  4. Become Morman. There all about that multiple wives thing. :D
  5. hahah well.... this one turned out strange...??

    I came out fine! No injuries. I think ive created one of the biggest female hatreds in all of history though...

    how i ever became worthy of having two very attractive blondes fight over me ill never know... but hey, its all good.

    classic girl stays. shes mine forever.

    new girl got SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO choked. cuz im a jackass idiot. no surprise.

    classic girl was choked too. for a while she was "never going to talk to me again" ahh! but somehow i managed to fix that... new girl has forgiven me too..

    so im still a prick, and an asshole, and "really ugly" amongst other things they said to me :p but all is forgiven. except new girl has no guy... :( and both hate each other more than anything ive ever seen. but shes actually two years older than me.. so she'll do fine.

    So all in all, let this be a lesson to you boys. NEVER OPEN YOUR MOUTH!! as soon as you have one girl, never say a word again. just sit there, listen, and nod your head.
  6. You're still sweet adam. I don't care what those two say!

  7. hahah rummy, thanks, you're the best :D

    i think everythings gonna be fine... when i told the new girl i loved her.. it was because she was super depressed having just broken up with the fiance.. and said "noone loved her" etc... i do. so i said i did. it was her saying it back that made everything so crazy :O never saw that comming in a million years.

    guess im just a loveable guy :p too bud its wasted on such a MORON!!!

    *checks watch* weed time!

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