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    watch this shit

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lpu8K6awo8"]YouTube - Crazy Homeless Guy[/ame]
  2. bumpppppppppppp
  3. Jesus...what the fuck is wrong with that guy
  4. Doesn't belong in RL Stories bro.
  5. No. Not even remotely funny.
  6. thats just mest up..

    someone should of knocked that guy out.. :hello:
  7. Not funny but entertaining. Worth watching.
  8. that is a prime example of people who shouldnt do drugs. it was kinda funny until he started beating that persons car. if i would have been the person in that car. i would have straight up run him over. he reminds of this less violent homeless guy i saw at a gas station a couple weeks ago. i walked out of the store with a pack of newports and this homeless guy goes, " thats cigarettes is better than that dopes MAAAAN" haha i love hobos

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