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Discussion in 'General' started by BillDavis, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. With that one thread gone, where am I gonna post my random shit now? Its like I came home and somehow my room disappeared...
  2. The people who brought it on last night KNEW what would happen yet continued to use the Chatterbox to discuss things the staff have asked them not to. It was self inflicted and so the rest of us suffer because a few people couldn't keep their 'mouths' shut.
  3. Yeah, I figured thats why it got deleted but still... That was a pretty good thread to just hang out and chat in, especially since we can't have chatrooms or anything like that anymore.
  4. I don't blame the moderators. Regardless of the issue at hand, they warned people more than once. I blame the people who insisted on using the Chatterbox as their personal platform to speak out on the issue in question. They knew what would happen and didn't care if they hurt anyone else in the process.
  5. Yeah, I don't blame or question the mods on anything they do... They're just doing what they are supposed to do to keep the city free of bullshit/drama. I didn't even notice it was gone at first but then I looked at all the threads that I thought would be interesting and figured I'd check what was goin' on in the Chatterbox and saw that it had been deleted or something and was like, "whaa?"
  6. For what it's worth it has not been deleted. They probably moved it to an area off limits to mere mortals. If it had been deleted I wouldn't see the name of the thread in my Rep list, it would say NA.

    They already did this once though and I believe it was said that they would probably delete it if people continued to abuse it. We'll see. Without the Chatterbox I have far less reason to hang here as much as I have been.
  7. Yeah, the chatterbox area was kinda like nothing else to do but wanna hang out in the city, chat and post random shit type thread...

    And I always hear about this off limits area but never hear about how you can go about getting into said area. Is it a mod only area or just a "you're so fucking cool you get to be in here" area?
  8. i have no idea what happened .what happened in there??

    i have posts id like to be able to read or find if i want since it shows my exact emotional
    process for some time now..and..well..id want this stuff for my reasons..
    wont it open again?even as a closed thread?

    *thats a negative of using GC so much as an ejournal..:confused_2:

  9. GrassCity is filled with random threads, take your pick.

    That's how good things usually end, as a result of the actions of a few but plenty of warnings have been given.

    I really feel for you on this, I just wish other members did as well because we wouldn't even be at this point.
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