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  1. i have some agent x for a possible ua but recently found a website
    that basically says that all the popular brands suck and to get testclear cus real dehydrated urine. pretty sure its just a scam to make you wanna buy testclear instead. 
    i know plenty of ppl pass w/ agent x otherwise it wouldnt be popular 
    thoughts and experiences ? 

  2. I actually have a ua coming up in a few days and have decided on using testclear. I really wanted to use my own urine but after being clean for 30+ days and still testing positive on my at home drug test, I decided I really needed to move on to plan b (FYI that 30 days untill one can test neg. for THC is another myth commonly spread on the Internet, it is different for everyone). I have been reading, literally, every review online including the website you posted and decided on testclear because I have found many positive reviews due to it being real human urine. I wanted to make sure that the urine could not only pass the test in terms of it having the right pH and creatine etc. levels but also because of bubbling (real urine has bubbles at the top or if you shake it) and also because of odor, which I have read synthetic urine lacks. I have read that some labs are able to detect if synthetic urine is used now due to recent testing for the presence of uric acid. I really am not sure which one is better and I actually know of some people who have passed using synthetic urine. I defiantly think it's an important decision and it is good you are asking for others experiences with subbing for a ua since I have been doing the same thing. So let me know what you think. I also will try to keep you updated on my experience with testclear as I will be using it VERY soon myself.
    Hope this helps!
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    I made my own dehydrated piss. I had a two month long tbreak a year ago. Filled up several 2 liter bottles of piss once I was clean, then dehydrated the contents. After scraping up the pale yellow substance (resembles flowers of sulfur). I tested by mixing some into warm water. Kind of like piss kool aid. I tested it with an at home test and it worked. Let's hope it does well if need be.
    I have it packed in several packets I made from rolling paper that resemble these
  4. " I made my own dehydrated piss. I had a two month long tbreak a year ago. Filled up several 2 liter bottles of piss once I was clean, then dehydrated the contents. After scraping up the pale yellow substance (resembles flowers of sulfur). I tested by mixing some into warm water. Kind of like piss kool aid. I tested it with an at home test and it worked. Let's hope it does well if need be." -SuperPhreak

    -That is really cool, I which I would have thought of that! Beats paying over $100 for someone else's dehydrated urine. I have heard that the dehydrated urine does work for passing drug tests. I have also read that one can also freeze clean urine and keep it for use whenever necessary, just take it out the freezer, give it time to thaw out and use it. I'd be interested to hear if someone has tried the frozen urine technique. Please share your stories!
    -BTW I decided on the dehydrated urine technique for my drug test because the freezer thing worried me too much since I haven't read too many posts related to the "frozen urine method." I've also been told that the dehydrated urine maintains a greater level of freshness but I'm not sure if that's a 100% correct (so don't quote me on it) but its an interesting though for consideration. I took my drug test yesterday at Labcorp and everything proceeded smoothly (in terms of meeting amount and temp. requirements) but I will admit I was nervous as hell. Still waiting on my test results and I am praying that it works out for me be because I refuse to lose everything for a stupid drug test!
    Will post my results when I get them
  5. Yay!!!!!! I passed my drug test!!!!!!!! Using testclear powdered urine!!!!! I'm so excited that I can move on with my life and no longer have to worry about losing my job because of a drug test! Thanks to testclear, my mind is clear!!
  6. Let me be the first to congratulate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you certain they wont randomly test?
    This joint is about to be lit to you!
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    Thanks, yeah enjoy that for me b/c I actually have taken a break from smoking due to this whole drug testing in the workplace thing. I am so nervous that I may not have the chance to prepare for it next time since this was the initial drug test they do once you are hired but there may be random drug testing along the way and I just want to be ready for it. I've actually read that when most jobs do random drug tests they let you know the day before. Maybe I'll try and make my own powdered urine, like you, once I'm totally clean so I can have it on hand ( it shouldn't be much longer now since I haven't smoked for 40 days but the at home drug test says I'm still testing positive for THC so when I test negative I'll give it a try) b/c pot takes so long to get out of the system (up to 90 days to be exact) and I want to be prepared.
  8. I wonder how long urine powder can las t b4 it goes bad, maybe a year?
  9. Maybe the testing centers will read this and start testing for synthetic urine or angent X or whatever the hell you guys are taking. Before I get tested, I would tell them "yeah I smoked, fuck it. Don't waste your time"
  10. My wife just had to use the powdered testclear for a pre-employment test. We were nervous at first, but got the news earlier today- PASS! I don't wanna name the lab but it's one that many businesses use (corporate lab). If you get the temp right, it's all good. She used the included warmers. There isn't a huge amount of pass fail data for 2013-2014 out there so I thought I'd do my part and post these results.
  11. Testclear worked for me at LabCorp. Just wanted to put something recent up because I know the stress of needing recent information. I was nervous as hell before during and after the test but I was offered the job 3 days later. Good luck fellow tokers.
  12. I just used testclear to pass a pre-employment drug screen at Labcorp.  I also wanted to spread good information.  I did a lot of research and have always substituted in the past.  I have used synthetic urine (QuickFix) 5x successfully in the past but the last time was around 2009 and did not want to risk it since I have starting hearing stories about things going badly on occasion for synthetic urine.   Again, all my experiences have been very good with synthetic urine, but it has been years since I used it. 
    I tried to clean myself out for just over 30 days and home marijuana testing was giving ambiguous results.  In the morning, I started to get a faint line on the test strip indicating a pass after 3 weeks of not using.  During the day, I would dilute my urine by drinking 2-3 glasses of water in an hour and testing and getting a slightly darker line on the test strip which indicates that more THC was present in my urine in the morning which makes perfect sense.  Also I was exercising like crazy and mornings after intense exercise seemed to give the faintest lines which also makes sense.  Contrary to what I see in forums, I think there is some quantitative information you can extract from the immunoassay test strips.  You can find a few stories in forums (don't have links) of people passing home drug tests for an entire week and failing the real UA.  This, again, seems plausible for heavier smokers.
    This is the kicker.  I tested testclear urine and got a DARK line on the home test strip indicating a strong pass.  I also tested testclear with a 6-panel drug test for cocaine, amphetamines, THC, opiates, etc. and testclear passed all tests easily with dark lines.  That's all it took for me.  I was convinced testclear was my best option even though I might have passed using my own.  I know about the dilution method but think it's not for me.  Too many unknowns on proper creatine levels, color, etc.
    Testclear looks like piss, smells like piss because it is piss.  And every indication points to very clean, drug-free piss.  I wanted to take no chances as this was a 6-figure salary job, and I trusted testclear over my own piss.  If you want a very high chance of passing (I'm a scientist so I never say anything is 100%), substitute and use real piss from a friend who is clean or use testclear.  I also like the idea of making your own dehydrated piss when you are clean. But for me, I would have to abstain for 2-3 months before I am confident of using my own. Again, I would test my own piss over time until I'm confident I am clean.  I hope this information helps people.  
  13. anyone else use testclear with positive results in the past few months? 2014 specifically. Strongly considering using this for a pre-employment UA.
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    test clear worked for me a labcorb a week or so ago. All I did was follow the directions and it worked. Great product
  15. I am new to grasscity! I will tell you that I as well as 4 of my close friends have been useing synthetic as well as testclear since 2009 with no problems! Multiple ua's passed no complaints! One friend in particular broke his finger on the job so they drug tested him right away! he passed with very high scores! Still workin and Tonkin all day every day same place! Most of my personal experiences are with quick fix synthetic and real human piss from my mother in law! All tests taken in Leominster Ma, I am a daily toker so I truly believe in this stuff faithfully!
  16. Just used Test Clear powdered Urine this early this year(2015) for a college healthcare profession program application. Followed the instructions, made sure to keep it warm enough, and I cleared. 
    Side note: I had my test done through testcountry at a lab called quest diagnostics. When I arrived I was told not to flush toilet afterwards and not to run sink. The toilet water had a blue liquid in it. I didn't have to go so I didn't add anything to the toilet water, however they didn't check the toilet after I was done. After I gave them the sample I was simply told to flush afterwards.. just a heads up I guess. But it worked out just fine, phew. Oh and also the temperature strip that comes with it goes on the outside of the container, in case you were wondering, I couldn't find a definite answer on this one anywhere at the time I purchased it. Happy Testing!
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  17. Thanks I needed a more up to date review I guess it works so well nobody needs multiple purchases lol

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