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Age you started smoking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by julesvern, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. I didn't start smoking until I was 18 or so and I'm almost 21 now.

    Used to be pretty sraight laced haha
  2. soon after i turned 18 and ill be turning 19 in 2 days
  3. January of 2005, i was 17. Now im 18 lol. shitty late start, but picked uip the habit strong.

    and am known in my area for being a hardcore smoker lol. even though everyone else has smoked longer.
  4. cigars 16, weed 17(a month before 18)
  5. 16 for the ganja. I'm 20 now, but i've had a few years off in between
  6. A couple months before 17
  7. 14 turning 15
  8. i think 15.. or close to that anyway
  9. Around 14th birthday.
  10. I believe in the summer when I was going from grade 8 - 9. I tried it once with some friends and a few times after. then I didnt untill about half way through grade 10 I started to smoke alot untill grade 11. I then didnt smoke any for a few years into grade 13 when I started smoking it alot. now im done highschool and going to college in summer. I smoke it at least 2 times a day right now.
  11. first time i ever smoked weed - 12-13 (took a few hits from a blunt from a bro's friend) i didnt hit it right and didnt get very high.

    when i decided to get into it - late 16 or 17, cant remember lol
  12. i thought i was a late bloomer at the age of 14...guess not so much.
  13. started at 14 :smoke:
  14. first time smoking was 13, wow who woulda thought it woulda lead to a way of life. :)
  15. My sister made me smoke when I was 12.
  16. how did she make you smoke? passed it and told you to hit it? thats how i started lol.
  17. damn soooo many people started smoking soooo young

    tsk tsk tsk...damn stoners :smoke:
  18. no, its cool.

    see, im asking these questions because my little brother is 12 and i want to smoke him up soooo damn bad. He's coming to visit me for a few weeks in the summer, and mom and dad wont be around haha. Besides, he'll have to come with me everywhere i go and I smoke with my friends just about every other day.

    eee :D little ittybitty smokers
  19. i discourage people smoking that soon. I do not think people should try it until 17 or later

    unless of course they are VERY mature and you think they could handle it

    but w/e it is your choice

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