Age of Empires Online!!!

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  1. Damn! I wish I had knew about this earlier
  2. Oh man its been ages
  3. Figured I'd bump this thread rather than make a new one. Anyone try this out yet? I just started the other day, its really addicting and its free to play. If anyone does play this and wants to do some co-op I'm totally down.
  4. im going to download this. The original Age of Empires was one of the the first games I became really obsessed with
  5. its pretty fun.

    lots of changes
  6. so I downloaded it and im trying to sign in and it asks for a product key...

  7. Too cartoony for my tastes. I still enjoy Age of Empires 2 though.
  8. Im downloading it now, anyone know the product key if it asks ?

  9. I think you have to open games for windows live and it tells you somewhere there but i have no idea how that works.
  10. Right, ill have a look and if i find it ill let you know :)
    Ill add you if i can....not sure how it works yet.
  11. Age of Empires 2 and the expansion took over my life for like 10 years. I was so into that game for some reason. Now I don't really have that much love for video games. Either im not trying the right games (probably the case I play black ops) or they just don't make them like they used to :(.

  12. games now are better than ever before. you are just burnt out and nostalgic

    maybe take a break from gaming for awhile?
  13. I press play and nothing happens ? :S help ? :(
  14. Awesome!

    It's been forever since I've played any of the Age of Empire games. Gonna wait to download this until someone actually gets it to work though.

  15. Did it already install the patcher files? The first time you hit play it has to download a whole bunch of files.

    And to the others, I'm not sure about the whole product key thing. It didn't prompt me for one when I installed, maybe because I linked my xbox live account to it? But it is very clear on their site that it free to play.
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    solution to product key


    editL: I just got online and man fuck windows live. Signs me out of my xbox live profile that Im trying to watch movies on when I log in

  17. does it really?

    I didnt figure it 'd log me out
  18. I played it like a week ago and honestly.. it's not really all that great.

    Maybe I didn't play it enough but I just got bored of it real fast and it just didn't feel like AoE. And by the time you get to level 5 you get these upgrades that you have to pay for.

    They advertise it as free, but then charge $20/civilization..
  19. so its basically a trial?

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