Age of a mother?

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  1. I'm starting some northern light plants from seed to use as mother plants. How long should I let them grow before I start cutting clones off or does it matter? Thanks
  2. When the plant is big enough, say about 15-20 cm you should take of the top of the plant. Either take it of or make your first clone of it actually. This way the plant will start to work on the sidebranches and that way you get a bushier plant. The bushier, the more clones you can make at one time. Good luck, hope this helps you out.
  3. That does help thank you, but how much of the top should I take off when I do this? Also, I have a small 2x2 space for my mothers. How many do you think I could fit in it?
  4. Hiya,

    In a 2x2 space you can get at least 4-5 plants in it if you keep them short, id also grow sea of green method in the space you have.

    What kind of light are you using? this will help us determine the amount of plants you should use in this area also!!

    Peace a good luck growing
  5. In the 2x2 space I have about 120 watts of flourescents. I'm going to use these to start the seedlings then hopefully switch to a 400 watt metal halide conversion bulb. When they are a good size I want to clone the plants and flower the clones with the 400 watt hps bulb put back in. While the clones are flowering would it be alright to put the plants I started from seed back on floros? Once I can tell the sex of the clones I will remove male plants accordingly and keep the female plants for mothers. thanks for the help guys
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