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  1. So i got a new job, and one of my coworkers is 15, im 18. is that too creepy for me to do something, i just turned 18 recently and shes 15 in a half and she flirts with me all the time, shes a freshman in hs and im a senior
  2. depends what the laws are in your state. if it can put you in jail, id advise against it. 15 year olds are called jailbait for a reason. find a 16 year old.
  3. and if its not illegal, does that just seem weird? it is to me
  4. its only weird if you think its weird. or her. 3 years isnt that big of an age difference. of course, if shes much less mature than you are, it might come off as a little creepy.
  5. pretty sure its illegal yo. but 3 years isnt much for people that are mature enough for sex
  6. Best to stick to grown folks.
  7. assuming it is illegal, remember that just because she consents and says she wont get you in trouble doesnt mean youll never get hit with statutory. i know a girl that turned a guy in because he broke up with her. i also know a guy who was with his underage gf when her parents walked in. they panicked (reasonable reaction to walking in on a 500lb guy porking your 15 year old) and called he cops and after everything was explained the parents wanted to drop the charges (as she was not really being raped) but were unable to because the cops were already notified and it was statutory rape. just saying shit can happen. accidents, parents, misunderstandings, fucking psychotic females. not worth risking over some preteen ass.
  8. Alright,so 16 is the sweet number, lol. im gonna just ignore all the flirting for now on. untill she gets it. thanks guys

  9. taking this into consideration, maybe she was paid to seduce OP and then charge him with rape by someone who hates OP? :smoke:

  10. did you check? i only said 16 because thats the age of consent in ohio. in some places its 18, or within a certain number of years.
  11. i think your just f**king paranoid jumbo lol, im a loveable person

  12. yup ya gotta consider all the angles (;
  13. DTwnvrlfthbghl, ya i just checked for pa its 16+, although legal action can be taken if the parents want it, i think like a restraining order
  14. In the long run 3 years is not a big age gap, but at 15 and 18 it's a pretty substantial difference. Think of it as a percentage. When you're 18 and she's 15, she's 17% younger than you. But when you're 81 and she's 78, she's 4% younger than you are. That's a big difference.

    As well, she's developmentally a lot further back than you are. Maybe not physically but definitely mentally. I was a completely different person when I was 18 than when I was 15.

    Definitely consider the legal aspect as well. With all of that taken into consideration, it seems like a no-go to me.
  15. right, also, from a girl's standpoint, knowing what i know now, i would NOT have been fucking with some of the guys i was fucking with when i was 15.
  16. honestly bro, i know exactly what your dealing with. I'm a senior too. If she's a developed, hot freshman than go for her. if shes an underdevleoped ugly bitch, fuck her not sure how to use this bold shit

  17. so, either way, go for it.
  18. The only guys that do stuff with younger girls are losers.
  19. QFT :hello:

    Can't even believe people contemplate this stuff with people under 18

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