AGAVE!!????? any one no??

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  1. any one no much about the plant they feed the worm in tequila called AGAVE???? ive herd from people enough of it makes you hallucinate and such is this true???:confused:
  2. no no and no
  3. Don't eat the worm.

    If you're at the bottom of a bottle of tequila, the last thing you should be concerned with is hallucinating.
  4. Eat the worm! It'll bring you close to, if not throw you into, hallucinating. Something about the chemical reaction between the mescal (that's the one with the worm in it) and the worm that enables a hallucinatory experience. Eat the worm... you'll see what I mean. :D
  5. The worm won't make you trip, it's a rumor. They don't feed it agave. Agave is the plant that is the main ingredient in delicious tequila.

    The worm is just a worm that is put in BECAUSE of the original rumor that traditional Mexican tequila had worms in it. Companies supported the rumor and started breeding worms specifically to put in their tequila. The worm is cooked and pickled in alcohol, sometimes for a full year.

    The worm is just a good source of protein and a bunch of soaked-up alcohol. Nothing more. I ate the worm before and I didn't trip at all. I was drunk as fuck but damn, what do you expect when the tequila is gone?
  6. Shit I aint never found no worm in my tequila, but now I'm all afraid.

  7. Dont worry, its not to be found in tequila, only in mezcal
  8. name... there are worms in tequila
  9. Yeah the blue Agave is the only plant traditional Mexican Tequila is legally allowed to be made of. In fact the plant takes 10 years to mature to the point of use and is guarded more fiercly than all the marijauna fields in mexico. Armed guards with fully automatic weapons are VERY common to be seen guarding Agave patches....but yeah, tequila is a beautiful tonic :)
  10. I have eaten the worm too and it did nothing but give me a little extra stuff to throw up.

    Me and a friend each got a bottle of mezcal and drank them in the course of a full saturday. We both ended up eating the worms and we didn't trip and I promise you no one will trip from the worm.
  11. Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I may be wrong about the actual hallucinating effect, but I swear, the one time that I actually ate the worm, it gave me a certain kick that no tequila ever has and I've drank (drunk? One of the few grammatical distinctions I've always been a bit hazy about) A LOT of tequila. I remember telling my friend that I was 'on the verge of hallucinating' a little while after eating it. But I figure if I can pump someone else up into believing that they can hallucinate on the worm, they might be more likely to have some sort of mild hallucinatory incident... was that wrong of me? :rolleyes: Sorry...
  12. there any other use of the AGAVE plant is it smokeable ........ to react as a hallucinogen or eatable or anything?????????????????????????
  13. k you sound like your 12 with the "eatible" and wanting to know so bad

  14. he barely mispelled it, get off his back.

    try, go to plants and drugs section, search for agave, see what it says about it. if you have no luck there, theres always google or sites like wikipedia.
  15. You misspelt it to hahha its EDIBLE.....i win :)
  16. ok... your 10... because i put QUOTATIONS AROUND IT.... dumbass..
  17. [QUOTE='CauseIgotHigh]You misspelt it to hahha its EDIBLE.....i win :)[/QUOTE]

    You guys should really use the 'QUOTE' button so we can tell who the hell you're talking to. And if we're going to get on people's cases about spelling mistakes, we'll be knee-deep in correction-laced posts. If you haven't noticed, we, as a group, aren't the most literate bunch on the planet. Let's all just pass on correcting spelling mistakes.
  18. lol k thats fine.

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