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after two years of probation. . .

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DEfex, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Honestly, guys and gals,
    I used to smoke probably too much, but who knows. Then I got into some troubles with our fine government because of. . . well, I'm sure you can guess.
    And after two years I kind of forget what it's like to be high. Is this normal? Should I be scared?
    I ask because I'll be done on Dec 29th, and I'm excited!!!

    And, hello everyone. I'm new here!!!
  2. Its normal to forget what its like after that much time. i wouldnt be scared, it'll be like ur first time too so u should just get really high. just dont worry about it, chill out and enjoy it. half the time people freak its in their heads and cuz they have all this anxiety and shit about it
  3. id be exited as hell too if i hadn't smoked in that long it will be a great experience for you op you will prob get fried out man enjoy that shit.
  4. Welcome back to the green side and to the city, man! You shouldn't be scared, just get extra high the second you can haha. Make up for those 2 years.
  5. oh, i fully intend to enjoy the fuck out of it. kind of concerns me how i could just forget such an important part of my life though. eh? i'll make up for it, i'll make up for it.
  6. I know, right!!! I can't fucking wait. Christmas can't even compare to this shit!!!
  7. Hell yeah, man. Make up for those two years I fully intend to do. I think I'll be paraniod as shit, though. . . cause of all i've been through via the law and such. But it's worth it! thankx, dude.
  8. 2 days before new years? Perfect.
  9. Don't smoke too much... you'll regret it

    Take small hits until your mind is right... get used to the feeling before you get blown
  10. Great advice. Although I have been smoking legals and believe me, there has been a few times when I smoked too much of that shit, literally feeling like death would come at any minute. The. worst. feeling. in. the. world.
  11. Hell yeah. Kind of makes me think they have something up their sleeve. My luck, I'll smoke and they'll call me in for a piss test or something.
  12. do urself a favor and dont smoke too often.

    keep ur tolerance.

    the biggest mistake i made was not saving my tolerance.
  13. Just make sure you're in a good environment dude.
  14. I think the best thing about smoking again after not smoking for ages is how good music sounds. I always take for granted how incredible good tunes sound when I'm baked.
  15. I hear that dude. Let the music carrry meee awayyyy when I'm flyinnggg
  16. Go balls out your tolerance will be low now and the high will be more intense happy tokong
  17. im really losing faith in grass city here look at these threads. i havent smoked and im gonna smoke and im worried. grow a pair and smoke it, did you die before NO will you die from it now NO. your not shooting heroin here
  18. Go buy an ounce and smoke yourself up and get lost in your mind

  19. Chill brah... this is the apprentice section. Threads like these are what it's meant for.:smoke:
  20. After I stopped smoking for a while due to drug test purposes, I resorted to herbal compound containing JWH-018, If i recall we aren't allowed to use actual names here? Anyways, it was a terrible high.

    This made me very concerned about the first few times of smoking weed. I had a bad high but then once I realized that smoking weed won't make me throw up like the herbal compound did, I'm all goody now.


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