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after scary robo

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hit-this, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. i did about 6 oz of robo because i felt bad because me and my girl friend were having trouble it sounded like she was cring (she doesent like robo i guess) she scared the hell outa me then a hour or so later she became ok now its so mellow here theres a bird chirping and its 215 im thinking about just sitting outside smokeing a bowl how often is there a bird chirpping at night at 2 in the morning hes smokeing something. were going camping and it supossed to rain but oh well its so nice out. its cool and not that dark and its the perfect feeling now....
  2. interesting and youre not even that high cause youre running out and you cant smoke when you had posted this your mom was still awake haha
  3. So, ive never tripped off Robo, whats the best way to do it, the gel cough pills or the Robo syrup? how much will be good, ive done a lot of drugs, E,Coke, Shrooms,Salvia,Crystal meth, blah blah blah..what would you guys reccommend?

  4. I say take 40 robotussin cough gels. Maybe less, take atleast 20 though.:devious:
  5. I've never done more than 300mg (20) gels. I usually take them down with an energy drink. haha.
  6. why the hell would you wanna fuck with robo, thats what kids who want a cheap thrill do.
  7. im just like that i dont really care im in to everything!!!
    and what was with the im running out and i couldnt smoke b/c my mom was awake. lol
    thats funny i just got on here and you have really no idea. so what was the point of saying that?

  8. I believe almost everything should be tried once. And it sounds like youvew never done it either.
  9. Yeah dude if DXM was widely availabele on the streets in pure form, it would definately not be considered a "kid" drug. The only reason its referred to as an immature drug is because its available in cough medicine, and anyone can get it right there. Why would people waste time making it into a powder and selling it on the street for a higher price when someone can trip their ass off for 10 bucks.

    Sorry Im real high and that thought really just came to me I was gettin all intense when I was writing it lol.
  10. i didnt really like dxm.
    i didnt trip very hard and it just made me itchy.
    shrooms is probly my favorite. acid just drags on.
  11. You, Sir, are an immaculate example of a fool. You are one of those people that pull judgement based on stereo-types in society. Robotussin is a popular cough syrup that contains an even more popular research chemical well-known as DXM. Now DXM is a very powerful psychoactive and should not be under-estimated. A truly educated DXM user will find that a DXM trip can be as powerful or even more powerful than a trip induced by more popular hallucinogens that are in better standings such as LSD and "MaMu". I urge everyone to at one point in their live experience all of the levels of a DXM trip. More information on which can be found on

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you're someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, such as you, shut the fuck up. Educating the GenPop on the Truth is more important than just about anything and I won't have foolish little children like you fucking it up.
  12. wow dude, that very first post sounds like the poster was super high at the time. nice.
  13. Well if your planning on doing DXM, dont fuck with liquid, it will make you sick, get a bottle of Robotussen 8 hour cough gel pills, the most important part of robo tripping is being sure to get the right shit, make sure what ever you get only has Dextromethorphan in its active ingreidients, if theres anything else, you can run the risk of overdosing on it or getting violently sick...The overdose limit for DXM is up around about 2500-3000mg, which is just fuckin crazy trippin balls type experiance, personally ive never taken more than 400 mg, which for me it was kind of an intense body high thats peak lasts about 1 1/2 hours, and then about an hour goin up to peak and about 2 hours coming down from peak, again this is from my personal experiance and could vary from person to person, just be smart about it
  14. A proper DXM experience can change your life forever. I've messed around with 1000s of milli's of DXM in the past... and the experiences I had cannot even be translated to the spoken word. They are safely nestled in the corner of my mind and bring an entirely different meaning to my life.

    Then again... that can happen with any hallucinogen, but this just proves that DXM is right up there with LSD, DMT, and shrooms.

  15. Ive never done acid. But shrooms are definitly 10x better than robo.
    I fuckin :love: mushrooms

    EDIT: Sirsmokealot, didnt you get banned. I would think your smart enough to use a different name.
  16. I'd say take 20 robo cough gels. You can get them at pretty much any grocery store. They are red gel caps with silver R's on them. They come in bottles of 20 for like 6 bucks. That would be a decent 1st dose to give you a little taste of what its like. Then you can increase the doses from there. Make sure you also take a normal dose of an antihistamine like benadryl or something with the robo's. If you don't, you have a major itch attack that lasts like 20 minutes. You won't itch at all with the antihistamine.
  17. ok the best way to do it is with zicam its a four ounce shot you can take that is not sirupy i do recommend a chaser like a dr.pepper or coke(the soda) to wash it down. I think most people would probley trow up 1 time it all really depends on how strong your stomach is. one 4 ounce serving conains 465 mg of dex. for those who know this can get you to about tier 3 deffinitly stong tier 2. i wouldent recomend drinking two if you want to you can drink zicam night which contains 850-900 mg of dex but is harder to find that would put you on tier 4 high tier 3 you would be trippin tha fuck out

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