After jarring, smells HORRIBLE

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    I've had my stuff in jars for a few days, and I didn't regularly open the jars like I know i'm supposed to, and now all my weed srsly makes me gag when i smell it. it didn't smell like that before jarring. does weed change smell after jarring? i have White Russian, if that makes any difference.

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  2. I've never heard of jarring changing the smell. How long did you have them jarred?
  3. actually i just smelled some that i have not yet jarred and it also smells the maybe i didn't do anything wrong, it just smells like shit
  4. Damn dude that sucks. Put it in a bag with orange peels. and it will make the weed sticky and smell like oranges.

  5. If you didn't properly air them out start looking around for mold on the buds.. My first batch I cured I did the same thing and it reeked when the mold started forming.. Hopefully not your problem, but I'd still keep checking..

    If both are smelling the same then you will notice a difference once you have cured for a few weeks.. My blueberry gum smells amazing and my lsd still smells like grass.. Sometimes some strains just take longer than others to properly get there smell back.. :wave:

  6. Don't do this, your buds will become WAY to moist and will NOT smell like oranges they will actually loose most smell.

    You did not dry/cure your buds properly. You must dry them for a good week until the outside become almost crisp and the stems just begin to snap. Then you got to cure them in jars like you did and burp them once a day for the first few weeks, then once/twice a week from then
  7. It's mold. It's called boytritis.

  8. Ewww sorry :eek:
    You said all the bud had it?
  9. yeah, apparently a bad smell is mold

    i really don't see how you can let your jars go more than 12 hours without staring at them or wanting to turn them

    i guess i'm still on the first grow giddiness lol
  10. i remember i had a plant that smelled amazingly like dry hay or grass.
  11. i just harvested my 3 strains... they didnt smell like much right when i cut them, they went through a hay/grass stage, then a few days after jarring it was a REALLY potent smell that almost made me gag, didnt smell like shit though. now the smell of my slh is getting sweeter by the day and less like an actual lemon :smoke:

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