After Germination?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Superman, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. Ok im about done with germination and i plan on putting them in the ground..How deep? How often should i fertilize, any particular type of fertilizer? Thats all i need to know, please answer asap as the seeds are about to be ready.
  2. Germinate, Plant in moisened soil, fert after round leaves fall off(should be close to 21 days after it sprouts) then fert every 7-14 days and water when needed.....This is what i am doing, any important things i left out or any tips?
  3. Actully id wait about a week after seed lobes fall off (round first leaves) then id fert it with 10-10-10 fert nothing to strong and do it ever 2 weeks because if you do it every week you could burn your plant. Also buy a PH tester before feeding it, make that its not to high or to low, should be around 7 i believe, If its higher or lower use products to do the oposite then wait a week if it is right PH then fert if not keep trying to ajust the soil. Note that the water you put on it can change the PH of the soil, i only put tap water and it works fine for me. When your feeding it with fert. keep a look out for burn marks on the leaves that tells you your feeding it to often, and start it on a more diluted base of fert before u strenghthen it. Anymore questions post here.

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