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After effects of strong weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cornell7, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Hey all,

    Not new to smoking, but I do it so rarely that I consider myself a novice. About three days ago I smoked some strong weed and passed out. I was only out for 2-3 minutes, but never had a reaction like that and to be honest it scared the hell out of me and the people o was with. Before I smoked I was out drinking the night before, chewed a good amount of tobacco, had little to eat, little sleep, then woke up and by early afternoon was drinking again without anything really in my system. My assumption is that the combo of me being pretty dehydrated due to everything mentioned above and taking a hit of strong weed caused me to pass out. Has anyone here ever experienced or heard of that? I went to the emergency room and was given a clean bill of health after several tests and released several hours later (didn't tell them I was smoking) with severe dehydration. It's now 3 days later and despite drinking plenty of water I still feel groggy and sometimes lightheaded. Is it normal for a "weed hangover" to last this long? How long can it take for everything to clear my system and start feeling normal? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? See a lot of conflicting ideologies going around online. Thought I'd check with some people who may have some experience.

  2. You get little sleep, have little to eat, chew tobacco and drink likely every day including in the early afternoon... and then act like weed is what's causing you problems?
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  3. Typical conditions for a green out.

  4. Def don't drink everyday, and usually only on the weekends, but when I do drink on the weekends it is more than an average amount. The reason I guess I pinpointed the weed was because after taking the hit is when it went south for me and started to not feel good. I know I only have myself to blame for what happened. Just curious how long these after effects can last. It's been three days now and my anxiety isn't doing me any favors
  5. You should be fine now.
    I have smoked for many, many years. A similar incident happened to me.
    No food.
    Drank only beer during the day.
    Hot day, moving household items, 4 trips and a 24 oz beer after each trip.
    Plus a few during the packings.
    Started at 8, finished at 7:30.
    A few more beers with friends, then a fat J.
    Second rotation, narrowed vision, cold clammy feeling, bye, bye bonzo.

    A bottle of water and a 20 minute sit down took care of the issue.
    No ill effects later on.

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  6. I think the take home from this is you probably need to take better care of yourself
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  7. You most likely greened out bro, next time you decide to smoke up have something to eat before you do,I've been smoking 9 years and the only time I've greened out was when I hadn't had anything to eat for 15 hours then decided to smoke a bowl of kief :laughing:
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  8. Something similar happened to me once too. I hadn't smoke in almost a month, nothing to eat, was drunk on beer and was at the beach in the sun most of the day. I passed out and my friend called an ambulance. I was "very drunk and dehydrated" was all they said. My hangover was from the beer, not the weed.
    If you drink lots of water it will flush your system out and hopefully you will start feeling better soon.

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  9. Forgot to mention i also puked all over from mixing weed and beer. I will never mix it ever again! Haha

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  10. Thanks for all the responses. It is comforting knowing that other people have experienced the same thing. I'll never make this mistake again. Right now I feel like my anxiety and fear of what happened happening again is getting the best of me right now (had an anxiety attack last night and thought I was going to pass out again haha). Just need to take it a day at time.
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