After Earth (2013)

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  1. A crash landing leaves Kitai Raige(Jaden Smith)and his father Cypher (Will Smith) stranded on Earth, a millennium after events forced humanity's escape. With Cypher injured, Kitai must embark on a perilous journey to signal for help.........Yeah like walk 85+ miles to get help ...boring!!
    One thousand years after cataclysmic events forced humanity's escape from Earth, Nova Prime has become mankind's new home. Legendary General Cypher Raige returns from an extended tour of duty to his estranged family, ready to be a father to his 13-year-old son, Kitai. When an asteroid storm damages Cypher and Kitai's craft, they crash-land on a now unfamiliar and dangerous Earth. As his father lies dying in the cockpit, Kitai must trek across the hostile terrain to recover their rescue beacon. His whole life, Kitai has wanted nothing more than to be a soldier like his father. Today, he gets his chance.
    Cypher Raige: Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.....and so is bad Sci Fi flicks, bye bye Will and son 2/10


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  2. Sounds about right...2/10 sounds about right. I haven't seen it though.
  3. Looks complete shite. The CGI in the trailers looks worse than attack of the clones. And it's time for will to admit that his son cant act and people hate movies that he is in.

    I actually like the idea of this movie, but with the piss poor CGI and jaydens horrendous acting, it is just not for me. Or anyone else probably.
  4. Nepotism is favoritism granted to relatives regardless of merit :
    For this reason this film should get the bummer of the year award, I don't mind the idea of keeping(acting) in the family, but the kid even at 13 years old, has got to stand on his own 2 feet, even if the father can't. ... pun intended... lol
    One wonders at the rumors of corruption in Hollywood, can they be real?....You Betcha!
  5. I liked Karate kid, Shyamalan is the reason this movie is shit.

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