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  1. I have never really been afraid to die.. And I am reading alot about Buddhism lately, and thinking about my life being raised as a Christian, so maybe this is where this fear came to me, my thinking alot about the existence of your soul and mind after death.

    I was really stoned last night and started to get this sinking feeling in the gut of my stomach - I was thinking.. where do I go when I die? What happens ~ do I just roam the earth unable to change or affect anything like a "ghost," am I sent to Heaven/Hell? Am I reincarnated into another being because I have not yet reached enlightenment? Will I forget those whom I loved so dearly and fiercely in my life? Have I forgotten those whom I loved in past lives, and is he now sitting here in front of me reincarnated, as we are soulmates? Have I just simply forgotten past lives as I slip back onto the earth in another body as a different person? I do feel that I have known 2-3 of my closest friends in past lives, and feel it to be very possible.

    I have thought about all this hundreds of times before, but I am mostly wondering where this new fear of dying is coming from.. Was it because I was stoned, or am I just so happy with my life as it is right now I can't imagine it ending?

    I was pretty disturbed about my thoughts and feelings. I have always believed that when it is my time to go, I will, because I have purposes elsewhere to tend to. But all of a sudden, I get this itching feeling to fight it and live forever.

    I'm not sure if I'm seeking an answer or just venting(probably just venting), so you can disregard if you even want to!
    In the meantime I'm going back to reading Hearts in Atlantis, which, by the way is a very good book.
  2. You wouldnt be human if you didnt wonder about life and death. And I have often thought about the same things. However, I dont have many answers to help you. I often thought that if everything is made of atoms and molecules and energies, that when I pass my "energy" will have to travel somewhere. Maybe that is what a ghost is? I am going to do some reading and hopefully I can come back with some cool ideas. Peace and Love. Nate.
  3. a ghost is miss placed aurora a spritishall resadue!ghost dont talk they are like a move tape they play the same thing over and over stuck in time ,sprits on the other hand can talk to you they can change what they do and come and go as they wish !its all mind over matter you can will your self to be any thing you want in the life after but you as the boy scouts would say to allways be prepaired! the stronger your mind and feelings the more you have controll!
  4. Very deep...and I have pondered the very same notions. I don't exactly know how to categorize my thoughts on this.....I feel, whether it's religion, reincarnation, science-you get out what you put in.....what comes around goes around......if you live your life to the fullest, be true to yourself and others, and 'treat others as you would have them treat you'............I guess what I'm tryin to say is your physical life is the foundation for your spiritual life. Yes I feel that somethin goes on after we're gone. It may be nothing else but other peoples memory of us........whatever it is it will be from what we've started here.
  5. you are right on the money ever thing we do to teach and condition are sprits and aurora or life force!is going to help us in the next nerther world!
  6. There are just to many ghost stories and unexplained events for there to be nothing after death. It would not make sense. I think our time here is a test, a test to see where we should go next. What we do with our time here and what we beleive in our hearts will effect us after our time is up. Just another theory!
  7. This summer I took a class on world religions that was very enlightening. Maybe I was just really stoned when I was reading the material, but it just blew my mind that all these religions that sprung up in areas of the world that are totally separated from eachother have so many things in common.

    Could all this just be a coincidence?

    I for one don't think so. I don't know exactly what to believe and what not to, but I think there has to be something after death.

    Or is it like Thoreau wrote and dying is simply becoming one with nature and the divine?
  8. i was dead for 9 mins ,and i was not alone there,close your eyes and hear whats around you this is what is there,you feel the spirits around you if you are like me your spirit well glow with aura the power of your spirit and other spirits well come to stand in your light .yes ,i know whats there.its not the same for some they crying lost and hunting for some one or some thing to help them not to be afeard,i can feel them near me like the heat of a wood stove near by or the love of a mother knowing her baby is holding a flower and know the flowers spirit as well a seeing it and tasteing it and smelling it ,and feeling the life vadeing away from it when its been picked and knowing its life was as your own part of gods creations see i dont think gods real ,i know he is and i also know he is there as well .i know. i am tazz11
  9. I'm torn, as I believe many are, with the ideas of life or any existence whatsoever after death. Science makes me think that there's nothing. We're simply animals and when we die, that's it... energy is spent and the body along with the "soul" dies. In keeping with that idea, if there's life after death... shouldn't we see the ghosts of numerous gnats? Think about the countless numbers of insects that have died, why don't we have hauntings from those lifeforms?

    Is it due to the existence of the soul? I've heard of instances of ghost dogs, cats even horses... Do these animals actually have souls or are we just casting human-like personalities (read: personification) on them due to the fact that they seemingly can understand human language in the form of commands? Personally, at this moment in my life I don't believe in the soul. In all honesty, I hope that eventually I do because the absence of the soul makes for a rather anticlimatic end to life and so on.

    I've heard scientific explanations for all of the feelings you experience in death and near-death states... one of which is linked to a drug/chemical, DMT. One author, whose name eludes me at the moment, wrote a book about his studies with DMT, which he called the spirit molecule. In times of serious trauma, such as the brain's oxygen supply being depleted, this chemical is produced in the brain and can cause tunnel vision, hallucinations and altered perceptions. (From what I understand, the closest relation to it is an overdose of ketamin. The infamous k-hole)

    Sometime, I hope I'll have an experience that changes my mind to the nonexistance of the soul... I think if anything does it, it would be the birth of a child. That's, by most accounts, a life-changing experience.

    On another note, while tripping I've had many experiences with a higher power... but I've chalked it up to the human mind thus far. Nothing can parallel the power we have in our minds... amazing stuff when it comes down to it.

    Oh well, I've babbled and I'm not sure any of it makes sense so I'll stop.

  10. yes all liveing things have spirits even trees and grass ,they are weeker in auroa so most dont see them or they go un noteiced!scienctific explanation what a baby in the path of god!science is a joke as far as gods ideas of creation goes ,science is 2000years old at best and only starting to become factial,and i hate to say but most is unprove as of yet ,they are always haveing to change their findings.there was not phones or tv or many other things befor the last 150 years ,yes science has its place in history but its only a page as of now and god is the hole book! any one that dosent try to under stand him is going to vade away when they die and slow go down the cains of evaloution you may be a dog next life it may be the leavel your at or can mantian.put the good book aside for a secound and think only is there a god we have all seen things that are out side the ideas of science.and science is a baby in ideas as time is under stood. so beleave in science but know it is not got all the anwsers as of yet and to walk one path well lessen your chances to under stand all things,call him god ,call it god but i say there is a greater spirit out there and i know it i have seen it ,beleave or not he was there and not made by me ,he came as anwser to a ? and saved my life .he gave me life when i had stop breathing and i herd my heart stop ,so i can not walk away from what i have seen with my own two eyes and felt with my heart and soul,some day a god will walk on earth and man i hope will not try to do to him as they did to jesus,for this time the god well have the powers to kill them with a just think it! how can the we be so small minded to think we can kill god son and it ends there lol we have but one chance to try and make the best of it because the out come is what you earned!live for ever as a spirit or die its up to you !but as i beleave and know him in my heart and spirit i well live as long as i chose to and to beleave this way has given me freedom from idea of death and i look forward to the beyond as i am open minded and keep trying to under stand the paths befor me for they do not end at my death they are many and they go in all directions into time as far as i can under stand them to go,yes the path are there and i stand be for them its only my wisdom to and spirit that well help me faith if its what you beleave in so i say dont lay down and die away beleave in the path of god and step in his foot prints for to end your spirit at death is your choice and thats ok for you but i am with god and i well live till i chose not to,maybe billions of years from now ! good luck tazz11
  11. Judging by the Christian doctrine, when Jesus walked the Earth he could have killed us all had he wanted. He was the physical embodiment of God, the book says. I don't want to ruffle any feathers, but since Man has existed we've made up gods to explain that which we can't.

    Since we've discovered the secret to lightning and volcanos, those gods have died... but since I doubt we'll ever unravel the secrets of death, I think there will always be a God of some sort to the mass population.

    If you've "experienced God", more power to you. I can only say that I'm sorry it's never happened to me. Personally I would love to have an experience that would change my life, I'm even contemplating a pilgrimage sometime in the coming years to take time to "find myself." Perhaps I'll find spirituality along the way.

  12. i have no dout you well it is wisdom that lets us know it wasnt just a drug are mind made that lets us know the true in are hearts ,and its funny how you say that for it runs side ways from my thinking god has allways been here before man kind thats how old the spirit is i am talking kind is only but a day to his life if life is what it would be called you are a very smart man and i see this from here,look and if you beleave you well find him .and i hope you dont come as close to death as i was but then again was i ,i know from what happen that time stops when he is here on earth it slows way beyond are idea of time,so i know he could have save me with a singal thaught.i tryed to figer out how much time went by that day by the river ,try to follow me ,my friends dove in to the river 25-30 ft deep and 115 yrds across,i dove in as i saw them come to the top of the water and start to swimm away,i had told them i could swimm .i couldnt swimm a stroke,i went to the bottom fighting for air ,as the fight left me i saw the air bubbles come out of my mouth and float up ward past my face and i thaught it funny that there wasnt any curent in the wateri felt my feet sink in to the muddy bottom ,the bubbles stoped wasnt breathing anymore i could hear my heart beating faster and faster then it started to slow and stop,i thaught this is it i am dead if i am going to try to live it must be now i thaught to my self "god would you take my life for one little white lie" that was to be my last words i thaught as a gift of my soul to him,but i hert him say one word "no" at that time i feld what i can only say was like lightning flowing threw me i started to move up ward i could fell my feet come out of the mud as i started to move up ward threw the water my head fell back ,and i could see a glowing gold colored handwith its finger touching my finger ,it was pulling me up ward threw the water ,i was in aw ,he placed my hand on the dock and with every inch of my being i climbed out of the water on to the dock caughing out water i truned my head as a reflecks and there he was ,all in a golden glow flaoting about 3 feet above the water ,frist i noticed there was no wind ,everything was deathly still like time was standing still ,i saw the river was not moveing i saw birds stoped in flight the clouds were still ,at that time i look to my friends to see if they could see this they were stoped in med stoke in the water they were still and frozen in time like still pics in the water ,at that time i looked eye to eye with him ,i know who he was and he knew me we were as one with are thaughts ,i could only stare if beleave at him he had a kindness of face i have never seen again his hair was white as a cloud it flowed to his shoulder like time had made it grow that way ,his eyes were blue like mine deep and knowing,his beared was long and came all most to his wast line ,his robe was like the white cottons of the shepards he had a gold rope belt around his wast the ends hang down about 15 inches and at the ends were bell shaped tassels about 3inches long ,his robe flowed to he feet in his left hand he had a walking stick it looked like a great snake that had truned to drift wood i would have to say it was about 5ft 8 or so he stode about 5, 10 or 5, 11,his feet were with sandels tied with thin fine leather ,as i was looking him over in aw of him being their i truned my head away to ward the dock under me to cough out water and i rememberd seeing the water falling from my mouth to the dock when i truned my head back to see him he was gone and every thing was just starting to move all at the same time i got to my feet to see where he had gone just to see my friends swimming towards the dock about 1/4 of the way from the other side ,i yeld to them as they came about 35 ft from the dock did you see him they ask who! i learned to do the doggy padle that day before i would leave,i told my father and he said no one would beleave me and they would call me names and make fun of me he said hold the memory in your heart and hold it tight ,i have all these years,yes, i know god he is real,good luck tazz11
  13. Your faith restores mine, tazz~
    I have grown up in the episcopalian church, and have gone through a large period of time in which i questioned the "reality" of christ, god, etc. Most of these years I was questioning faith included those in which I witnessed my life mentor, my favorite uncle and my grandfather die within a 12 month period - each death a huge blow to my heart and spirit.
    My Grandfather, he was old and had heart problems, and my Uncle, well he was tormented in life itself, so I can understand why perhaps they are doing better in the afterlife than they had on this earth... But my mentor was in his late 30s and a magnificent teacher not only of english literature, but of life and the inner searchings of one's self.. He was the epitome of life and love to me, and many of his students, and expressed the value of life to us each and every day aside from our english lessons... And I couldn't understand how God could take this man away from this earth, he had so much to teach the world he changed my life and had the energy to change lives for another 40-odd years of many other souls..
    When I was 15, he changed my way of thinking, opened my mind to the possibility that I did have something to contribute to this world, my life was worth something, I did have talent, and for Christ's sake I CAN make a difference in this world... He gave me reasons to live when I was all out, and stockpiled me up with decades worth of love for life with his simplicity, wisdom and heart. And also taught me the beauties of the english language, of literature and the incredible ability of past and present writers to not only convert emotion to words, but to transmit these emotions through words to other people.. To this day I read avidly, and it will always stick. Nothing will substitute a good book to me.

    Dying of leukemia, he was very susceptable to illness as his immune system was shot, but he came to school and taught with a mask on until he was no longer physically capable to stand or sit that long. He loved his kids, he loved to teach, he did it so well that he has inspired so many others in just the way he handled life, and how he handled death as well. He was not afraid to die, and knew the inevitable awaited, so he embraced it and enjoyed his life to the very last drop.

    I was angry at God for a very long time, especially when my teacher was buddhist but his Catholic mother had a VERY Catholic funeral for him when it was against his requests. I saw him in a viewing, and he had no hair, no eyebrows, a small empty corpse. It was not him, not even a shadow of him. His spirit had moved on, and I was looking at its empty container. I was angry, and couldn't understand how his mother could stand to show this frail empty body to the world, why?!?! I still to this day don't understand that.

    But now, I realize he has moved on to more important things. I feel God's presence in my life on a daily basis, and even feel that somebody up there is watching over me and has intervened in tiny fractions to protect me from danger, etc. Almost every bad thing that has happened to me I have managed to turn into something good, and that is because I make the best out of my situations. I learned that from my mentor, and he lives on in my memory, he lives on in the way I live my life. He taught me to enjoy life as it was, it is a gift, given to me, and I should appreciate and l should share my wisdom, love, and life with all others in order to make this a better world..

    I don't go to church, but when I do I am moved at the faith of those who go weekly. The church I do attend has some realistic views about Christ. They don't read the bible to a T and beleive it to be truth, but to be a collection of stories written by people from those times from which we can learn to better live our lives. They do believe Christ to be the Son of God, but also that Christ lives within us, we are all the children of God and we all have the capability to change the world as Christ has, and by living like Christ they can become less judgemental and more willing to help those who are less fortunate than them. I have seen my parents change their entire lives because they snapped out of being "church zombies" and started to actually believe.

    I can't say for sure if I believe in God or not, I do believe there is a higher power that created this.. This intricate world, galaxy, existence could NOT have occurred simply by chance or scientific means. We were given emotions and spirits for a reason, it didn't just happen based on evolution. I agree that many religions were created to basically explain the unexplainable, but they all hold one theme - something larger than us is out there that created us, and we should be entirely grateful. We should also make the most of the moments we have upon this earth, because we don't necessarily know what's going to happen afterwords. Some people are very adamant to know what happens in the afterlife, and good for them. They may be surprised, they may not. Me, I'm scared shitless. I'm to attached to those I love in this life to let go.. But I have no choice, when they go, they go and I can only hope that they're up there, looking down on us.. Smiling, whispering hints here and there to us, or just watching. I can hear it. I pray, and feel that my prayers are answered, maybe not in the way I truly want them to, but lessons in hardships are learned, and with the guidance of that "higher being" (or maybe the guidance of my faith in that higher being, they are pretty much the same thing), my life seems to get a little better.

    More power to athiests, who criticize religion as being stories and weak. Questioning life and faith is so absolutely important, and I did that from when I was 12,13 until, well, even now I question it. If we don't question where we came from, what's happening next, why things are the way they are, and just accept everything as it is, perhaps we'll get too comfortable in life, and lose grasp of what is important. Some people need that daily affirmation that God exists, and heaven, or reincarnation awaits us as our human body gasps its last breath to get through their life. For some, living in Christ and God, or whichever higher being they worship, is the only way they can get through their lives. I still am not sure as to what will happen "after death," and because of that I am going to live my life to the best of my ability until my last dying day, God or no God.
    But I still think that higher being is up there. Forget the bible, forget Adam and Eve, forget the stories that are so unfathomable. If it weren't for faith, religion, where do you think we would be right now? I, for one, don't really want to find out.
  14. that was beautiful. I agree with the ending, where would we be without faith? In fact I feel a little better myself.
    Peace and love, nate.
  15. i ve only said this a few times "you get a (A+) have nothing to fear from death ,we are spirits now,and for one to beleave and to have faith ,they have nothing to fear from death,i have been in the shadow of death and if i have learned any thing its been that we are earthlings now! why we are on earth make the best of it we have very little powers here after of the trueist statements in the good book says we are all gods childern i have lived my life as if i was his real son ! christ my brother!would i degrade my self by not liveing my life this way i know not,but i shell fight the good fight i well live long and free if i can ,i well not waste his gift to me,i have hunders of books on faith and esp ,after life, god,are spirits anything you could every want to know,they teach me every day of my life i still by books each mounth,i am saden by my eye sight vadeing .soon ,soon,your a fine and wise spirit let your heart and wisdom guide you,and you'll be fine.i am sorry i cant till you more but the world is not ready for what i know yet ,god said i would know when to till some one what he told me,i have to trust him ,he has my word and you dont cross god.i well say i know what directions the spirits that frist came to earth came from and what start formation.and how ,your teacher was a wise man i see his words flow from your spirit like fine wine to the glass, remember him for he has given you more than you know as of yet! you well soon know what i mean,three weeks and counting i see! i dont know what it means but i am picking it up from you! i am sorry i am a your soul and i see in like the glass of wine ,i cant help it your a senstive spirit and opened minded .i can pick up thing and see where they were in the past,it some times is a gift other time a sin.but i can till you what you would think if you knew i could do this before god touched my hand,know you know why i here.good luck tazz11
  16. where would we be ,hopeful home kissing beautiful women like your self,its a shame most men dont look past skin deep,or they may find some one they were looking for and didnt know it.hide your self behide that computer nate but i know better your a drop dead great looking gal and shyness keep you behind this vail of words,but i can say your ink gives you away gal theres a fine and careing spirit there and every now and then you slip up and show your true self .even a slap in the face from you would heat ones blood so smile alot and open your heart to the ink there are a few here that watch you walk by,may be your just you and what you look like is not as great as the spirit that lives within you ,one only can guess .good look tazz11

  17. it never rains but it pours eh?
  18. When I die i'll goto my heaven which is just me when im 21 running around and partying and listening to some bitchin tunes.
  19. well my thoughts on the matter is when you die i belive if you do alot of bad stuff like kill people u will get reicarnated into an ant and get squished as payback for all the bad stuff u did in life and if you do alot of good with you life u will be reincarnated into a sacret( i know i spelled that wrong) animal like a tiger or a lion
  20. Since it seems we've been doing a lot of debateing on this type of thing as of late, I thought I would give this a bump. Alot of good imput from a lot of good people :rolleyes:

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