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Afghani Goo + Story

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bossman3, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. So I live around the baltimore area and had been struggling recently to find a steady connect that sold solid dank around here. Today, I decided to try out a new hookup that my friend had told me about. He told me that this guy sold legit medical/really high quality stuff. As usual, I was pretty skeptical but decided to give this guy a shot. I got to his apartment and he showed up late with chipotle. Immediately I knew that this guy was legit. He took me up to his apartment and said "I've got a couple different strains, I dont really know if you care though." Of course I cared. At this point I was so fucking excited. He pulled out around 6 pounds. "This right here is some Afghani Goo, really nice indica." At this point I was about to jizz my pants. I got this stuff for 50 1/8th, and he also had some Sour D that he said was "kinda dry" and said that he'd make me a deal and cut me 40 an 1/8th on that one. He also pulled out around a QP of some really nice looking hash. Anyway guys I'm really fucking happy that I found a connect now. Here's some pics of the Afghani.

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  2. That's sick dude. It's so nice when you find that one really legit dealer.
  3. Looks like mine did, good shit man. Got a quarter for 90, I love muh boy.
  4. yea maryland got the danks recently, i live in hoco, prices are high but i guess its just the times
  5. I want your connect
  6. your dealer buys weight from avon barksdale.

    +rep for who gets that.

    nice bud, thats a legit price for your neck of the woods.
  7. Nice!!!!!
  8. [quote name='"Ratio"']your dealer buys weight from avon barksdale.

    +rep for who gets that.

    nice bud, thats a legit price for your neck of the woods.[/quote]

    I love the wire haha. Nice bud and story btw op.
  9. 6 lbs. is a lot i'm surprised he bojangles around with selling 8ths
  10. Is there anyone willing to share their good connects in the Baltimore area? I live about 20 miles north but can get down there easily, home for summer from college and all of the dealers I had in high school aren't dealing anymore. If anyone wants to help a fellow college kid out, lemmme know.
  11. i had some afghoo wil i was up in NY. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! that shit was WILD. it powedered up and caked up all over my fingers, it was more orange looking than urs though. had me STONED TO DEATH! like od stoned but a buzzing stoned not a sleepy stone. my cousin went back into his lab and started making beats like a mad scientist lol (the fucekr still owes me a smokeout). but the stuff was FIREEE. and fyi...did u know they dont sell mini dutches in NY... WTF right?!!?!?! straight phillies and white owls i was heated

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