Afghan X Hash plant. Back again.

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  1. Hey guys, so i've had two plants growing for about 4 weeks now both started from clones and look great, and 3 days ago I happened to stumble my way into getting two more clones of the same strain(Afgan X Hashplant). I live in FL area so the late start shouldn't matter TOO much, we don't get and cold weather(below the 60's) until at least mid-late October. So i've had these clones for 3 days and I think it will be time to transplant from the cups to larger pots soon. I'm not sure how long the guy had them before I got them because they appeared to be well rooted, any thoughts on when I should transplant? Better pics up tommorow sorry lol I accidentally deleted the other pictures as I uploaded them to my cpu so this was all i got.
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  2. If they're well rooted then I would transplant them now.

    Good luck!


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