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  1. Hey guys,

    New to growing here, and thinking about using an aeroponic system for my first grow. I've got a lot of money to spend having worked and will continue to be working this summer, and I'm looking at buying this aeroponic growing system. It's called the Thin Air Growing System, and it looks pretty easy to use. However, it seems a little too easy. Can anyone point me in the right direction with this system? Would it work well? Let me know, thanks.:wave:

    Here's the link:
    Aeroponics - How it Works by Thin Air Growing Systems
  2. omg dont spend 800$ on a hydro system, you can EASLY build for a fraction of the cost. But if your all for droping 800$ then that looks like a good system to buy.

    i cant beleave they charge 800 for that looking at all the parts it uses thats about 75$ at home depot.
  3. Get a fogger they get more oxygen and pretty not as messy
  4. I am also interested in starting an aeroponics system.

    I have a repeat cycle timer

    Artisan - 4600 Repeat Cycle Timer

    I don't know exactly what it costs it was given to me (fairly cheap)

    and is fairly easy to setup with some electronic experience. Mine is set

    to engage the solenoid for 1 second every 60 seconds. (approx.)

    One main problem that I see with the setup you refer to is that the Little

    Giant pumps that I have seen are recirculating/centrifuge pumps not

    low flow pressure pumps. There is a difference between giving the roots

    a shower and what is a true aeroponics system,which is high pressure/low

    flow that has an on/off cycle. With the system that I am presently

    designing I am using this pressure pump from ebay.(used mainly for RO water)

    AQUATEC WATER SYSTEMS INC. Precision Diaphragm Pumps, Flow Control Components, Water Pumps, Engineering Expertise

    This would IMO be the least amount of pressure to consider for a cycle timer

    controlled system. (120 psi) Ideally want 150-175. Some pumps will burn up

    My previous experience is with steinen nozzles that I used

    to mist my cuttings. I actually grow nursery plants and a fair share of tree

    and shrub cuttings just don't take well with out COOL TOPS. The misting is

    used to cool the air, there are essential no roots for the plant to take up

    water. And I would also apply heat(WARM BOTTOMS) through the use

    of a heating pad. Think spring when the sun heats the soil but the

    air is still cool. Stimulates root growth. Starting to get off topic sorry

    While the particular Steinen nozzles that I have are good for this application

    there is problem when I try to repurpose the nozzles for an aeroponic system

    the pressure in the line will continue to send water through the line and the

    water will flow at a low pressure (spit/drip) water. Not acceptable when

    I am using an expensive nutrient solution i.e. this is not a "cash crop"

    I want to try some of the pepper plant seedlings with an aeroponic system.

    This is in some ways a hobby.

    I have found a solution to at least this problem with these

    Steinen - Industrial Spray Nozzles: Drip-Free Misting/Fogging Nozzles

    The problem

    They want to sell me a 100 of them (never can understand manufactures)

    I have money and want to buy what I believe is the best product out

    there and they will not sell 10 of them to me. ???

    So far no luck with there distributers. Still trying.

    Moral to the story.

    You need high quality high pressure nozzles i.e. stainless steel built to last

    You need a high pressure low flow pump that won't burn up.

    You need nutrient that won't clog nozzles ( big ? for me i.e. lack experience

    with liquid nutrients) I purchased Aqua Flake supposedly good for app.

    I don't pretend to be an expert and might very well be wrong with the

    thing that I say but I have learned to always "suspect" what the people

    trying to sell me something say.

    Hope this helps and any input would be appreciated I am trying to figure this

    out myself.

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