Aeroponic High Pressure H20 pump and spray nozzles

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  1. Hi all! I'm setting up an Aeroponics system and need water pump and nozzle recommendations.:confused:


    16 8'x8" pvc piping

    I want to run high pressure spray nozzles, nothing that will damage roots but can atomize very small nutrient h20 particles. What should I choose?

    Also, what pump should I use? Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. I just got the aquatec 8800 off ebay that boost my pressure to 120 psi

    A 150 psi would be the least amount needed for a fog like spray with steinen

    nozzles of which I have 10. For a regular misting system for cuttings.

    Believe it or not I actually grow nursery plants but I am having a hard time

    finding info myself on spray nozzles. My problem with the nozzles I have now

    especially since I want to now start aeroponics is having the nozzles drip.

    Tomatoes and Peppers (cost doesn't make sense but it is a hobby)

    Never realized how much nutrients were until I walk into a local grow shop.

    Major concerns with clogging. So I bought expensive stuff. Need help

    finding cheaper nutrients that won't clog fine nozzles. This isn't a "cash

    crop" Steinen sell drip free nozzles but only in bags of a 100 at $7 or $8

    apiece. I can never understand manufactures who won't sell you there

    product???? But Steinen from my experience are the best nozzles a round.

    NASA says you need 5-50 micron spray to be effective. So you need

    good nozzles(capable of high pressures) and lots of PSI. I like these pumps

    but the cost probably to much.

    Misting Pumps USA - A perfect mechanism

    Still working this all out myself I used this repeat cycle timer for my cuttings

    Artisan - 4600 Repeat Cycle Timer

    Have it set to turn on for 1 sec. every min.

    I think it might also work well for real aeroponics not the "bath" aeroponics.

    The air is as important as the spray nutrients.

    Hope this helps

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