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  1. hey, im about to take some cuttings from my mother plant. I know to take a branch with at least 4 nodes, and to cut at a 45 degree angle, but when the cutting goes into the aeroponic unit, should the bottom of the branch be touching the water, down in the water, or above the water level, just being misted?
  2. ok, i have 8 cuttings in my aeroponic rubber/foam collars. they are hanging down about an inch and steadily being misted, like good girls should, lol. So, i am reading that some people use a humidty dome to help the process. Should I spray the leaves constantly or every couple hours to help with humidity, or would that be too much? Any input would be great. Cloning lemon skunk, Ice, and Snow white. PLEASE HELP. Thanks.
  3. I personally use a humidity dome for my clones. And yes, misting about 2-3 times a day and before you go to sleep are good for fresh cuttings:wave:

    I personally don't grow aeroponics, can't really help you there.
  4. flight, you take your cuttings and put them directly into soil?
  5. Nope, i use rockwool cubes until they root. Then into soil;)
  6. You dont need a dome with aero systems, i am currently in the process of testing to see if it helps speed the process with or w/o a dome.. I also dont think you would need to mist in the dome if you did use one, cause when i put the dome on my cloner it stays fogged up pretty good and you dont want your plants to get all soggy an rot..that was my main problem with traditional cloning, they would be so limp and rotten from the humitity dome and me over misting them,by the time they rooted, sometimes it would take them weeks to recover.. with the aero and no dome I usually see results in 5-10 days, and I have never had one not root, sometimes they just take a week or two longer, also be sure to change your water out for fresh every 1.5-2 weeks.. you said you are going to clone lemon skunk, what breeder did you go with? I have tried to clone Greenhouse seeds LS on about 6 seperate occasions, and they took forever and never rooted, even right next to other stains that had strong root sytems within 2 wks. so it wasnt me, well maybe it was me but thats why I built the aero bucket cause I got some DNA lemon skunk seeds that I wanna clone an its gonna happen this time..that is some of my favorite smoke, good luck to you bud. an sorry for ramblin im blizzazezd:smoke:
  7. that makes sense. prolly no need to spray their leaves then either. im not sure where the LS came from. my friend was showing me how to take a cutting and practiced on his plant. He was just gonna throw it away and i was like, dude! i will take that. The other strains are from nirvana, but ill try and find out where the LS is from. I know it clones, hes been running that strain since last summer. Thanks for the help!

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