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  1. I'm using a 2 gallon aeroponic clone machine and a rooting hormone gel with clonex and I forgot to ph my water for the first 5 days it was at 7.1 I adjusted to 5.8 will this affect anything? No roots visible yet, I usually have about one inch spikes at 2 weeks. Should be ok since there was no roots to absorb the non ph'd water yet right? Also should I do a foliar while in the aero. Usually I have some brown leaves at the end of the 2 weeks.
  2. They will take a little bit longer to root but they should be fine, the plant is still absorbing the water otherwise it would just die.
    I don't know about spraying them, I wouldn't do it, but I have never done it before, so I don't know if it helps or not..

  3. You'll be fine a yes its good to mist them. They take moisture through the leaves until roots develop.
  4. they take up water through the cut end, if they didn't then you would see them wilting and die within hours.

    But water of that pH is perfectly fine. I mean it won't harm them, its not ideal for long periods of time but it won't effect rooting. I sometimes root in plain tap water and mine has a pH of 7.

    There's no point in spraying the leaves as the cuts will have as much water available to them as they can use

    If you have dying leaves at the end it most likely means that there aren't enough nutes in the water. What is the ppm/EC of the nutrient solution? I have mine at an EC of 0.4mS and this seems about perfect for me. I have experimented quite a bit with nutrient concentrations
  5. im using a clone bucket my pump shoots water through some pvc with tiny holes drilled into it it hits the walls of the bucket and the splater wets my clones....instead of using the net pots and rockwool or rapid rooters...I bought some neoprene cut it out correctly put a " * " slice in it and tossed some clones in her...I went with an alive grow since my water was over 70 degrees well a week or so in and everything was dying mold started growing not cool...I redipped in cloning gel n powder ( I double dip) and put the net pots in used rapid rooters everything is fine...this is my first cloning session so I am learning but some of my lower branch section I put cloning hormone on was turning to mush slime too...but so far so good I took out the dead ones rinsed the plug out and inserted new clones out of 8 and two tries some I could salvage I have going on 4 clones rooting.
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  6. Ec was .6 my tap water is usually 130 ppm at 500 conversion. Maybe that's why it was a little high. I also put in a cpl drops of sm90. My water temp is 74 a little high. I have h2o2 but never used it in the aero. Not sure if that's a good idea. Here's a pic they look ok. I usually have nice new green growth but most of those leaves you see now will wilt or turn brown and the new growth will look nice. I take my clones 3 weeks into flower exactly so I don't have to keep mothers and they are in the cloner for 2 weeks then in veg for 3 weeks and basically run a 8 weeks strain in flower so it's a perpetual. I like taking them in flower because there are so many tops.
  7. Here they are in my clone king. These were taken 3 weeks into bloom.

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  8. taking them in full flower is most of your problem. I'd say your nutrient concentration is a little high, but nothing that should cause a problem. Why don't you cut the clones while the donors are still vegging?
  9. I like taking them in flower because you get about 8 tops from each plant. And I don't need to house a mother. Taking advantage of the monster cropping technique. It's nice because at 21 days in flower end of stretch I clone then they r in aero for 2 weeks then veg for 3 weeks then they go in flower room to flower for 8 weeks and I repeat the process. I run 5 gallon ebb n flow gro flo buckets. I just pick up the inside basket and transfer them into the other room. Every 8 weeks 3-4 pounds under 2000w hps and 3 4ft 4 Tube t5s for veg
  10. actually I see what you mean now. That would give me 2 weeks in the aero cloner and 6 weeks veg. I have 6ft ceilings in my basement so I'm kind of height restricted unless I just topped them a bunch. Hmm now I'm wondering which way for more yield. Probably the 6 week veg they would be huge.

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