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  1. Been Growing these plants for almost 3 weeks and they've started to turn yellow and turn under. Been running the water and light 24/7. What should I do?

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  2. They kind of look like they need fed. The yellowing is starting on the older leaf growth, and it's obvious they've been stunted. You could be feeding anywhere from 350-600 ppm at this point in my opinion.

    Your poll has kind of bad answers lol. You can't really over-water in aeroponics and you can't give too much light.

    What EC or ppm are you feeding your plants at?

    What's your PH? What lights are you using?
  3. I'm not sure at all what my ph balance is. My green thumb is underdevelopment. I do know thats important but i gotta find the rite equipment I know my Light is 600hps, this is really my 1st time trying grow. A friend of mines told me get an air stone and choll out with the water and stop using so much, but i thought the purpose of the aerophonic system was so i wouldn't have to worry about any of that???? Idk tho.... I just wanna save my babies!!!! As in Fed do you mean nutrients??? If soo I haven't been using any, don't know which too use. My friend told me fertilizer and miracle grow but I think he's a douche and everywhere I've read they all say that's one of the worse things to use.
  4. Ok So just wanted to update you guys i've started adding nutrients floral micro, and floral grow to the plants and installed an temp gauge in my small space to monitor the temp of the area the plants are growing in which seems to stay between 75 and 80 degrees F. Anymore advice and help would be more than appreciated. Thanks
  5. Nutes are good. Bu more info would be nice. Are you using just plain ole tap water?

    And I think you have more of a deep water culture thing going on. Is it just a tub of water with a couple air stones in the bottom?
  6. Yea I been using Tap water. Is that bad??? Should I get a case of poland spring and use that? My house has a filter in it that filters the water. Whats the best water Method?
  7. Very much under fed aeroponically grown can take alot of nutrients. i would hit them with 300ppm
  8. So More Nutrients??

  9. Well, tap water can work.(I would leave it out in a jug for 24 hours, to expel the chlorine and what not in it... But most grocery stores have RO water "reverse osmosis", that you can buy if you bring your own jug. 39 cents a gallon at my store, and that water is top noch! Very low levels of the stuff you don't want in tap water.

    But tap CAN get the job done...just not as well eh?
  10. Ok Hmmmm So I would basicallly have to leave the water sitting out for a full 24 b4 i set it into my aero system... hmmm... Thats crazy but if it gets the job done gotta do whats needed. Unless your store is close. Lol Which I highly doubt
  11. Well, just get a few gallon jugs, and before you do your res change, fill em up the night before, and sit em out on the counter. Its not that crazy...

    But for the time being, work with what you have in the res right now... About how meny gallons is your reservior? And how many ML, teaspoons, whatever... Of nutes did you put in it? I honestly don't think they are underfed, but the PH is probly too high,Jassuming you don't have any PH down) and being as small as they are, they don't need tons of feed. Ml's per gallon would do.
  12. The Reservior Holds about 5 gallon. I'm adding 3table spoons of floral Micro ad 3 table spoons of Floral grow. My ph i can't check cuz i dont have a meter. Whats should the Ph balance be?

  13. So by my math, your looking at about 8.4ml of each nute, per gallon. I honestly think that might be a bit much. Younger plants are fickle, and a bit weaker then when their bigger, so maybe back off the nutes a smidge... Maybe 4ml of the floragrow, and 2ml or the micro per gallon. I only used 3ml on my girls till they were big and bushy.

    And I actually don't have a ph meter either, I use the PH papaer strips for pools and what not. But I like to keep the ph between 5.5 and 6 (orangish-red by my papers lol)

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