Aerogarden + Bubbleponics Bucket & Drip System + Sour Diesel & BS

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  1. Finally got a chance to take some pics earlier today before "Treena" went to bed.

    Ducted my Eco Fan 170cfm Exhaust up into my attic with the carbon scrubber. Wow what a difference. Being I live in Florida it is always hot and the attic is a good spot to dump my heat.

    Pics Day 32 Flower 12/12

    Added only 5ml of Bloombastic to give her a taste and I think she likes it! Going to do a water change soon and give her a full dose of this stuff. Read some good reviews and my hydro guy says its his personal favorite.

  2. Nice :hello: Looking good....:D
  3. looking good .. got a question think a 150 hps sun system and like 2 of each (4) cfl 5000k and 2700k is good for a small closet space .. from nyc so trying to stay stealth .. and also my system is bubbleponic .. please help thanks ...
  4. This being my first grow I am not 100%. If i could go back and get at least a 250w hps i would have and just toss the cfl's i am using but for now its doing just fine. Start with a 250 if you can if not a 150w will be fine. Just use some good supplemental lighting. Try 6500k for Vegg and 2700k for flower. Peace bro thanks for stoppin by!
  5. That main cola is looking great, I especially like the 3rd and 5th pic. I also like the last one its actually one of the better views of the setup looking up at it. and @Junmr2 I agree with aerogarden about his lighting suggestion.
  6. Sulpher Plasmas is going to be awesome once the magnetron life is figured out (conclusion from my own research) Basically the lamp life exceeds the motor that spins it (short sentence explanation). It will definitely be something to test and have been interested in testing the technology not just for growing but for potential energy saving for lightning shop spaces (client interests even make their way to my hobby!)
  7. the plant look awesome! cant wait till my plant starts flowering!
  8. Could you please explain to me why you have 2 intake and 1 exaust fan? Never heard of this method. Anyway you think it is more efficient then 2 exaust and a passive intake?
  9. I have my intakes on an adjustable switch to control speed. The upper intake fan is curving upward to the lamp to just cool the lamp/ballast, the other lower fan is blowing in fresh air as well but directly to the plant. My exhaust is plenty powerful (Eco Fan 4"-170cfm) even with my carbon scrubber. NO heat issues and exhaust and scrubber are ducted through my ceiling into my attic. Also I have a direct duct from my AC in my attic back down to my box. So to answer your question i control my cabin pressure with being able to adjust the speed/power of my intake fans.
  10. damn man that shit looks nice! :eek: loved going through all the pics start from finish!
    good luck with harvesting looks like its gonna be a successful one
  11. Yo man Nice grow. Hey I was wondering where you got your cfls sockets at and the adapters that hold 2(prices). When you bought them did they have a power cord or did you have to convert it to a power cord.

    Hit me up.

  12. Home Depot for the 2 way sockets and the fixture itself was seperate and does come with a power cord attached. $2 bucks for the sockets and $6 for the fixture. I have 2 of each in the box. total of 4 cfl's + 150w HPS + 2 - 75w grow fluros.

    Pictures will be update tomorrow. Tree-na is loving the bloombastic! WoW starting to swell up from it. So far i highly recommend the "bloombastic" as an additive.
  13. your girls look good
  14. Day 38 Flower 12/12 ----

    Tried to boost up my ppms to 925 from 800 and she is so sensitive to nutrients. Tips of the plants got a little burn but not much. Im gonna dilute a little bit with plain RO to lower the ppm's to 825-850. Is there a way to push her to take higher nutrients or is she just consuming lower amounts and still able to yield the same? Few new pictures

  15. Treena is looking like quite the lady, very impressive for a first grow. Do you still have Veronica going as well? I ask because harvest may be a problem if you have tangled roots. I get a 5-gallon bucket full of roots, per plant, in my DWC 5-bucket system. The staggered harvest times could be problematic, but I haven't grown in that big of a reservoir so I may not know what I'm talking about.

    Subscribed man, I grew up in Florida, I'm missing the Flordia "winter," it's been brutal up in my neck of the woods.
  16. That Cola is filling out real nice man, that is going to be a nice boost to the stash off that cola alone.
  17. plus rep man your girls look bomb
  18. the 6th pic is my favorite
  19. Just a quick update. Removed 2 CFL 100w 2700k with 2 CFL 100w 6500k.

    Now running a 150HPS + 2 CFL 150w 2700k + 2 CFL 100w 6500k + 2 Fluro 75w 7800k

    GH Flora Nutes & Bloombastic - RO Water
  20. 6500K for resin production?

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