Aerogarden + Bubbleponics Bucket & Drip System + Sour Diesel & BS

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  1. I wanted to start this journal to get some advice on my grow and hopefully help answer questions as we go along.

    What my setup contains:
    Aerogarden Deluxe
    Aerogarden Nutes & GH Flora Nova
    2 --- 120 cfm fans Intake

    1 --- 120 cfm fan Outtake
    3 --- Airstones
    2 --- 50-60 gallon Whisperer Air Bubbler

    6 Gallon Bubbleponics & Drip System w/ Three 5" Net Pots
    Medium Hydroton/Rockwool
    396 Eco Pump
    1- 150 watt HPS

    4- 150 watt CFL's (soft white)
    2- 75 watt Fluro Grow Light

    Seeds - 2 Sour Diesel & 1 Bag Seed from some dank

    Planted Germinated Seed on 12/29/10

    1/8/10 ---- Update Picture

    Everything looking good.



    New Pic

    It looks to have a little bit of nutrient burn but possibly could be from an unstable PH. Ph is fixed and I hope that the few brown spots go away. Any suggestions let me know. Also 1 leaf is curling down.



    Week 3 Vegging.... planted sprouts on the 29th of Dec. Everything looking good now that i did a water change. Had a ph problem as you can see from the red brown spots. Changed the nutes to GH 3 stage. Plants seem to love it. Perked right up and new growth is looking good. Male/Female sexing soon. Maybe a little early but let me know if you see a sex.

    Pictures 1/17/10


  2. lookin good ill give it a couple of weeks on the sex
  3. Forgot the grow box set up pictures....

    1/20/10 Updated Pictures

    Sour Diesel

    Bagseed from dank meds


    Help keep up with my journal. I need all the help I can get considering this is my first grow. Appreciate all the input. Gotta go get lifted. Peace!
  4. whats the banna for jus curious
  5. banana is one of the fruits that release ethylene gas when ripening. ethylene gas is supposed to help push your plants to go female. its thought to be a way of self feminizing. a lot of people put a banana peel in the bag when you germinate seeds to "supposedly" feminize them. the only real research has been done in the study of when a plant is starting to almost sex (3-4 weeks) ethylene gas pushes them to be a female.

    The Banana Religion ???? - Marijuana Growing
  6. yeah i wouldl ike to know about the bannana. and how did you setup the aerogarden what water and other things did you use?
  7. agree let us kno wen u get the chance lol
  8. i use RO water and GH Flora Series Nutes. 3 air stones in the res. 2 100 watt cfls (daylight). other than that not much. keep in touch and we'll work on the aerogarden grows together. 1st time grow for myself but so far so good.
  9. Week 4 Starting and the transplant is done. Moved the little ones into the Bubbleponics+Drip System and they suffered a little shock but within a day they popped right back up. So at this point its looking ok and I am going to start 12/12 tonight. Hopefully we get some sexing ASAP. 2 more are still in my aerogarden and they should be coming out within a week or so. New pix below.


    Litle ones still in the aerogarden. Sprouted on the 9th of Jan.

    Any signs of sexing let me know!!!
  10. Day 3 Flowering. No sign still of sex. Guess I'll keep playing the waiting game. be back shortly with another update with some pictures.
  11. gREAt idea i like it!
    question are you sure its light proof you seen no cracks?
  12. thanks....not sure what idea your talking about but thanks....
  13. Day 28 - Day 2 @ 12/12

    No sign of sex yet but im sure i will know soon. Got a little problem I think with heat because my leaf tips are starting to go brown and dry and only a few of the leaves are doing it. Is that only caused from heat or could it be something else. I have my HPS only 12" from it is that to close? Any advice would be helpful. Also there is some weird white/yellow sploches on some of the leaves. Not sure what that is either. I am using Gh Nutes and I did a 10-10-10 ration for transition. Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Dahova.......Yes it is light sealed all the way around and fully caulked in the inside. I have been making these boxes for local hydro stores for a while. They work very well. This is my first grow personally but have been building these boxes for a couple of years.
  15. Update Jan 30th

    6 days into 12/12 and still not sure of the sex. I know what im looking for just not exactly the first sign of male or female. If you have any idea please input. Not the best pics but hopefully good enough.


    Plant number 2 the shorter one on the right of the next pic


    They are 32 days from seed. 150watt HPS 2 Cfl 150watt Soft white 2 Cfl 100watt 6500k & 1 Grow Plant Light 75 watt fluro

    Please help with my grow all the info needed and much appreciated. Thanks Peace!
  16. Great start to a first grow, I really like your setup! You said you have been building them for a few years? About how much did it set you back for your cab?

    Goodluck with your grow, ill be watching :D
  17. I sell these boxes setup with 150watt hps - 2 intake fans 1-exhaust fan - 4 cfl lights - chains hooks - bubble bucket - pump - airstone - dripper $1,299.... cheapest for my size is $1,999. also nutes an ph included
  18. Oh wow, i imagine you'd be turning over a fair amount of profit then, thats awesome bro :D

    I havnt got that kind of money to spend but on my next grow ill defo be modelling it similar to urs =]
  19. keep in touch...follow my grow any questions or advice let me know.... ill give you the simple plans to build your own box for a fraction of the price. its pretty easy if your pretty handy...

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