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  1. I just did a water change and added nutes a few days ago. Question? Should i just psyphon out some water and add back fresh RO? Until I get the ppm's to drop to around 750-800? If i do that should i keep that water i psyphon'd out and add it to my next water change? Maybe 1 gallon is all i will have to psyphon. My rez under the buckets is only 4 gallons. Thanks guys!

  2. I would just toss it I would siphon out 1 gal. Add 1 gal take reading. Then very slowly add nutes to get a good fine tune skill. (That's what I would do if you have the the patience).
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    plants look great man, were these feminized seeds?
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    Another thing to remember is that in the last weeks of flowering the plant can wilt and yellow eating all the nutes out of the plant.

    I was thinking about your PPM levels and what stage of flowering you were in and you should be fine. I went back and reread your original question and if its just a few lower leaves its fine. You would notice nute burn across the plant. If anything you could actually try upping the PPM. Those are probably just old leaves dying off and the plant pulling nutes out of the leaf. Read the guide below its long but really worth it. You will feel much more confident if you really read through and study it with some interest.

    I took this from a sick plants guide located here:
    If you are running in hydro its good to change your water every 2 weeks to keep out bacteria growth and to keep your plants with a good supply of fresh water.
    A good rule to go by for how much PPM each part of your plants growth has is as follows:

    Seedlings should be around 50-150 PPM
    Unrooted clones to be around 100-350 PPM
    small plants to be around 400-800 PPM
    large plants to be around 900-1800 PPM
    Last week of flowering use plain water.
  5. thanks i appreciate gonna read that link now. If my ppm's still keep rising and water is decreasing then i should still lower my nute strength righ? Thanks catch ya later
  6. Only if you want to keep it balanced. But if you want to maximize growth give them as high of a PPM as you can till you barely start to notice burn then reign it back about 100ppm.
  7. Day 30 Flowering 12/12 -

    Everything is looking pretty good and plants seem to be doing just fine.
    Still no root growth on the smaller one. I think I am going to pull it? What do you think?
    Budsites are tiny and the plants is stealing some nutes im sure. Pix tomorrow!

    A few new stealth box additions today.

    4" Eco Fan Inline Exhaust and Carbon Scrubber (self made scrubber)

    2 liter bottle w/ 2 Cups Sugar & 1/2 tsp of Active Yeast for self made CO2 Generator

    I will have some new pix up tomorrow. Girls are sleeping now or I would take a few new pix. Bud is starting to fill out a little and trich's are starting to come in strong.

    Question? When do you start to see the most growth of your buds? What week approx:? I am in my 5th week now of 12/12. Should I start adding my "Bloombastic" to the mix now? Then stop all nutes 10-14 days before harvest and only use plain RO right? Thanks in advance for all the help.

  8. Not sure on the bloombastic but it sounds like a week 5-7 week product and week 7-8 flush (if you are doing 8 week flower)
  9. Well im hoping that it will be an 8 week flower but this seed was from some dank and not a seed bank so i am not to sure on the strand. I will just be using my 60x microscope to see the trichs. It says on the bloombastic to use in the last 4-6 weeks of flowering.
  10. Go for it then
  11. Ima give it a small dose and start with a full dose in a week when i do my next water change. Peace thanks for all the help buddy.
  12. Thanks for the good info. Pulling up a chair, I want to try a bubble bucket next go round.
  13. We all live in the same "city" so i think we should all share our knowledge. I am only 3/4 the way through my first grow and with everyones help and knowledge it has made this feel like second nature. Bubble buckets seem to be the easiest for sure. I added a drip but it only goes on for like 7 mins 3 times a day. I think next will be a 250w hps.

    Also just found out that my 150w hps now has a retrofit MH bulb for the same fixture. Sweet! Maybe vegg with that next time and 250w HPS for flowering.

    Sorry ran kinda late today. Pix up tomorrow.

  14. You can get a conversion Metal Halide for the 250 as well. I use a 250 MH to veg under. If you are going to buy another lamp. I suggest getting a 400 HPS (has MH conversion also) You are already rocking 350W, a 400 HPS would flower a 3x3 area. = 9 Sqft * 50 = 450w So just under 3x3 more like 2.5x2.5. Then you could get a MH conversion for your 150 and use that to veg very nicely under.
  15. Sounds like what I think I am going to do..! How much difference do you think it will be in the electric going from what I have now to a 400hps...(150hps, 2-150wCFL, 2-100wCFL, 2-75w grow fluro) My wife is an electric saving nut! Anyone know anyone personally that used a good LED? Maybe 150hps & a 200-300w LED Combined would be a good try> What you think guys?

  16. Well you are running 350W its pretty easy to find out cost but you need to know your KWH rate

    I have a 100W LED with 2W CREE (I believe 2w)... performance is... eh. Don't get me wrong it grows... but 2 of those vs my 250MH its not even a comparison imo. I use it because I have it but it is a $700 unit that I would never purchase myself.

    You can utilize a lot of equipment. like 400W HPS for Flowering. Use some low CFLs for clone. use your 150W CMH for vegging. If you decide to continue using the 125W CFL I would use it in the flowering room if at all. I am sure you wouldn't trade your 150W HPS for a 125W CFL. I mean 250+150 is already 400W so trading those out for a single 400W you are break even electricity wise. 200W-300W LED would run you atleast $1000, not worth it, coming from a guy who has one.

    I actually prefer my Aquarium Tek light I salvaged thats like 80W at the plug with ballast has a 16K BLUE BLUE bulb and a 10K white (aquarium) I use that over 2 mothers and they love it. However I 'm not sure I would trust the LED to the same results. I have 2 Veg trays going right now. 250W MH over 2/3 one tray and maybe 1/4 over the other which then has the 100W LED and imo those plants look good but haven't grown anywhere near the ones under the MH. I will take a picture later. I might actually pull my most expensive light (LED) and try using it to for Basil in my kitchen or something.
  17. I remember I actually added up all your wattage like a week ago and was surprised. Your total wattage is 800W but of that you only have under 20% HID. I would go 80% total light HID 20% secondary if any. I would ditch the CFLs for flowering and just go straight HPS 400W 600W whatever the space demands (400W is more than enough i think) and the 400W by itself should be comparable to your 800W mixed setup I would think. You could get a 600W Digital ballast that is switchable to 400W So then you could run either, just a thought to leave yourself room for expansion. I have a 600W and a 400W in my flowering room and I think I am going to replace my 400 with a 600 and use the 400 in Veg room and take out the LED. 250+100 = 350 for my current setup If I replaced my LED and 250 with a single 400 I could easily cover both trays and I would only be upping my wattage by 50W.
  18. Perfectly explained! +Rep.....Think next go around i will be trying out a 400. Have you seen the led's on Are those a bunch of junk? You can order single pieces for the most part and some companies sell in min. of ten.

  19. When it comes to LEDs from experience, research, and other peoples first hand testimony, I have come to the following conclusion for your own personal LED buying guide compliments of The Bohbo!

    1) If its affordable its junk
    2) If its expensive and you have the means buy it you are doing the technology a favor and you are cutting edge of one of the possible futures for grow lighting.
    3) If its not cheap but its not expensive, "It looks just like this one thats $400 but only $125 on ebay, then it's... probably still junk.
    4) If you want the same yield as a 400W Digital HPS vs LED you are going to have to spend about $1000 on LED lighting. You would need at least 200W of LED lighting to flower anything near a 400W HPS. So unless you justify the cost (price / pleasure) are in for more of a dissapointment than anything else.

    To me the LED plants look the healthiest but never seem to have the size of the other. Now mine is only a 2 color LED and imo it would NOT be the one to buy... I am still really interested in the tech and can't wait for it to be affordable. Right now LED is for enthusiasts or new growers that are throwing money at their new hobby.
  20. Ill take your advice and stay away from the led's for now until further noticed. Also have you heard much about the soon to be public....PSL -- Plasma Sulfur Lighting?

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