Aerogarden + Bubbleponics Bucket & Drip System + Sour Diesel & BS

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by aerogardenguy, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Next grow has already started. About to put 2 of the 3 into flower in a day or so. 2 sour diesels and 1 double dutch. Decided to leave the boring part of the grow out of the journal. Same as before. Starting by seed in the aerogarden deluxe straight into the new aeroponics setup i built. I'll start the new journal in a few days.
  2. Nice! are they fem seeds?
  3. hell yea. cant wait to see those diesels in action. i got some rez gear myself. chemdog x sour diesel.
  4. Just started a new journal....its the first link in my sig. see you all there! whose grabbin the couch?

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