Aerogarden + Bubbleponics Bucket & Drip System + Sour Diesel & BS

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  1. Good idea.... I think i will pick some up tomorrow. My hydro guy told me its not necessary but does help a little and is good to use but not a must. He is not an overseller type of guy. I think i will grab some anyways. Thanks for the imput
  2. Honestly man a 1.5-2 week flush with plain water is good enough, the flushing stuff you buy is for doing it a little faster.

    But if you have the money to blow on it, hey why not.
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    i like to use 2 tbs of good molasses per gal of water after the flush on every watering it lets the plant keep making sugar for all that good frosting with out chemicals

    this will work with bubbleponics but may be a pane to clean its late and i was not think right just 1 tbs per gal
  4. I really didnt want to buy flushing chems and im glad you have second my opinion on just flushing with water. Do you agree with Caesar about just using molasses?

    Appreciate the advice I will look into it. How messy is it for clean up considering I am changing out my DWC to my sweet new Aeroflo system i built.

  5. Honestly man, all additive and shit do is complicate you grow and increase the chance of new shit growing in your reservoir.

    Being your first grow (and its hydro) I'd just stick to clean and simple techniques.

    Once you get your grow dialed in start trying new stuff like additives IMO.

    BTW thats a pretty sweet looking aero unit you made, do you have mister heads on that?
  6. Im just going to keep it simple and smart. RO water for the last 10 days or so. Seems like the better thing to do for the final days of my girl.

    The mister heads are not attached. Grabbing some from my hydro store today/tomorrow. If i like the aero unit I am going to build like a 60 site at my buddies house. Also I am going to add a Repti-Fogger w/ Nutes in the fogger system hooked up to the Aero as well.
  7. cant wait to see the finished product!
  8. its a good to keep it simple till you get the hang of it and most of those high $$ flushes are 90% sugar that's why molasses doses the same thing when you are ready to try some new tricks for Bubbleponics just dissolve 1 tbs per gal of res in a cup of hot water clean up would be the same as normal just hot water

  9. Good to know thanks +rep. Also is that what is really in the flush chems? Just mainly sugars?
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    Wouldn't waste time with fogger-ponics or whatever you want to call it stuff its a waste of time/money/effort given the actual benefit of it.

    60 sites is a whole lotta water, you're going to going to be going through alot of water/ferts.

    Doing like 3 x 5 plant rails would work good with one 18 gal res, assuming you do well (30g per plant) thats over a pound.

    with 2 of these 15 plant setups staggered at like 4-5 weeks you can pull an elbow every month.

    And yea that's mainly what flushing chems are; fancy sugar water.

    The whole point of flushing is to get any kind of raw fertilizer/chemical shit out of your plants, so instead of drinking more nutrients it starts taking them from its own leaves since they aren't getting any NPK and you end up with a 100% natural flavor that it was supposed to be like. (after a good cure)
  11. Mostly that's what I hear it is. I have heard conflicting things, its a must to not really needed. I had some I inherited from another grower but If I remember looking it was pretty cheap and you only use it once or twice per grow tops. But its not needed.
  12. Makes sense. I like your ideas. My buddy has 2 rooms he wants to grow in 10x10. What do you suggest?

    Sticking to plain water this go around.

  13. You could do a pretty nice perpetual with that.

    Just turn one of the rooms into veg and one into flower.

    I'd go with a regular dwc setup for the moms/clones with a 400 MH, 2x 15 site aero flo units in the flowering side with a 400/600 HPS.

    What kind of harvest cycle are you looking for? 2 week? 3? 4? 5? 10?

    If you have plants that are 10 weeks you can set up a 5 week perpetual and put new clones in after you harvest the finished plants.

    With 2 separate units you can flush and feed the 2 sets at the same time.

    If you wanted to get a faster interval you're going to just put less in when you put in the first set, and repeat. Or you can add more units/reservoirs.

    Do you have a big RO distillation kit?

    Another option out there is a flood table, which is way simpler and less work than the aero setup and no need to disassemble and clean the sprayer heads every harvest.

  14. Ill take all in consideration and talk to my buddy. I like just a few plant setup like i have. After this grow i have some seeds already startin in my aerogarden. I think I am going to buy some femmed seeds the third time around so i dont have to deal with this male bullshit and would be easier i think for cloning earlier than later.
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    Well, you can always try soil out and just veg some big bushes from clones.

    I started out using an aerogarden but my first plant was a male. Then I did 3 grows with a DWC setup. I made 2 chamber aero tub and flowered out a clone in it, was really pleased with the results but I just got tired of having to buy water or pH down and use extra nutrients with all of the res changes, worry about root rot, EC level, water temp, pH issues etc.

    I have been really happy with the results from my soil grow compared to hydro, and its been way cheaper and WAY less work. You can cater to each plant's individual needs, it makes multi-straining way easier, you can work with 2 different mixes of nutes for whatever strain.

    Plus you get way denser buds that don't shrink as much when they dry.

    edit: near final product soil 150w 12/12 from seed right here, and this plant was pretty neglected, had I vegged it longer and nurtured it a little better would have probably turned out even better.

  16. I'll keep that in mind. Hydro is the only thing i have tried and was not really that hard. Just a lot of research and trial and error. Now i feel going to soil would be a whole nother learning curve. I dont want to have soil. I have an RO system coming from my boy this week 2. That should take away a lot of the cost in hydro. Also i think hydro is easier to fix problems. Flush and change water. Soil seems less forgiving on recovery of plants and growth of plants. I could be wrong considering I am a newb.
  17. Yea man its the other way around with forgiving-ness

    With aero its even more unforgiving.

    If your pH is a point off for a few days your plants can get really bad salt buildups on the roots.

    If you nute burn with hydro it can be crazy bad and thats easy to do its kind of hard to do that with soil.

    Hydro plants can get out of control easily because of the way they grow, soil plants tend to stay a little more compact.

    You can flush a soil plant really easily, you just water it til the runoff comes out, then do that 2-3 times and youre set.

    With multiple strains in the same reservoir sometimes it sucks because each strain wants a different pH and nute strength. Sometimes you end up with runts because roots from different plants start attacking eachother. If you harvest 1 plant, you have to untangle the roots. I got into the habit of untangling all my roots every res change to keep the plants separate.

    I used to cringe at the thought of having dirt anywhere around but its not that bad honestly. Occasionally you have a kill a fly or two every few days the first few weeks the soil is in pots but thats about it. (lol cheap soil)

    With soil you just have one plant per 10" pot with dirt, just add water/nutes every few days, doesn't get much simpler than that.

    Each plant can be treated individually if you are running multi-strain.
  18. I will keep all those things in mind. I really appreciate the time you have taken to write a few of the pointers out.

    Thanks Moon. would rep ya but cant until i pass some more around.
  19. No problem man.

    and, yea its cool, I have only given out like 1 round of rep to everyone and I need to spread it more I guess. heh.
  20. Wonder how much you have to spread before you can give it again. Kool tho man! Catcha ya later. Im gonna upload some more pics shortly.

    I wish there was a way to upload the smell of my plant so everyone could smell it. That would be amazing!

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