aerogarden... any good?

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  1. im new to growing hydro, i have grown outside for a few years but want to try my hand at growing dro. im a collage student so im limited in almost every aspect of resources. i bought a cheep dro kit online but am extremely dissatisfied with it. it has a 10" grow bed for the pearlite to go into and a water resivior on one side. this creates a huge problem that i am fighting because the nutes arent reaching the entire bed. i have lost one seedling due to this and i am now left with one that seems to be doing fine at two weeks out. but i am thinking about tossing the current kit and buying a new one. i am looking at the aerogarden but am sceptical after this last kit, it looks legit with an automatic fert system and built in lights. it seems perfect for what im looking for considering im growing in a dorm and i only want to grow a couple low riders. heres the link, check it out and let me know what you all think

    AeroGrow International, Inc
  2. I wouldn't be a fan of areogardens, but i think it would suit your needs.

    The only problems i would have with them is the height factor, i don't like flowering with CFLs, and the pH would be a nightmare to keep in check because of so little nutrient solution. But thats me.
    Oh yeah, and the price of them. I'd make my own mini bubbler system for a fraction of the price.
  3. would a bubbler system be practical for growing under my conditions?
  4. An areaogarden is a glorified bubbler system.
  5. You won't get much with that, but it does work. Just make sure to get some lowryders otherwise your screwed. Like John said though I would just make my own bubbler system, it isn't that hard.

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