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Discussion in 'Aeroponics' started by maverick1453, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. i just got a aero garden. its the 6 pod model.

    im wondering if i can use any nutrients in the system or should I buy the ones they supply?

    also can I fill the holes with any sort of sponge material. or again try to find the originals.

    lastly its ok to use this as a cloning tool correct. along with some rooting gel and powder

    thanks any help would be much appreciated
  2. Maverick: it sounds like you didn't do your homework. The A/G-6 is just a bigger version of the A/G-3 and it's pretty hard to grow our favorite herb in it. A friend who works there told me that when they're sold out there won't be any more.

    You can use their nutes but they're not designed for what we're growing.

    You can clone in it but you'll do better with a $1.50 black plastic starter tray, a humidity dome and a flat of rock wool cubes under a rack of T-5's. I get 75% to 80% to root in my set up, and 75% of 6 is only 4 in an A/G-6 if you're lucky.

    With A/G the parts and materials are proprietary; they're the only ones who support it. Try to buy in bulk from them and you'll find their prices are pretty reasonable. What you make yourself for the A/G's usually looks like it and doesn't work as well. I hope this helps. Hank

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